Mexican Cactus Craft Freebie and Flower Tutorial

With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, I wanted to share this quick Mexican Cactus Craft Freebie and Flower Tutorial.  Use the free printable as a coloring page or create some tissue paper flowers to make it extra festive!

Mexican Cactus Craft Freebie

Mexican Cactus Craft Freebie and Flower Tutorial for Cinco de Mayo

To recreate the flowers, you’ll need tissue paper and a stapler.  I found this four color set (8 sheets) at our local Family Dollar store for only $1.



First, cut the tissue paper in half. You don’t event have to unfold or separate the paper first. Just cut the whole thing in half.


Then, separate all the sheets of tissue paper and cut each one in half again.


I used four sheets per flower. Layer your tissue paper and begin folding accordion style. I made my fold about half an inch wide. After you’ve folded your tissue paper, cut it in half again as shown in the picture.


Using a stapler, place a staple in the middle of the folded tissue paper.


Using scissors, round out each end of the tissue paper to create the “petals.” The more you cut off on the ends, the smaller your flowers will be.


Next, you’ll want to pull up each layer, one at a time, being careful not to rip your tissue paper.  The first layer you pull up will be your center.


Play with the tissue paper a bit, fluffing as you go, until you’re happy with your flower.  Then repeat to make as many flowers as you want.


For the cactus, grab the printable below and print using regular printer paper or heavy-weighted paper if you want something a little stronger.

Mexican Cactus Coloring Page for Cinco de Mayo


After you’ve colored in your cactus, you can glue the flowers around him or cut him out and glue him onto construction paper.

Mexican Cactus Craft Freebie and Flower Tutorial. Cinco de Mayo free printable activity.

When you’re done, add your finished cactus to your Cinco de Mayo decor!


If you’re looking for another Cinco de Mayo cactus craft, check out this adorable hand-drawn character!

cinco de mayo free printable kids craft

Grab this cactus freebie and his party accessories at Learn Create Love.


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