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Mickey and Minnie Mouse Puppet Crafts

I swear, our schedules always get extremely busy just before school is ready to start back up.  All of the open houses, registrations, athletics – our week has been full!  We took advantage of what little down time we could find to make these adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse Puppet Crafts.


Mickey and Minnie Mouse Puppet Crafts

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Puppet Crafts Free Printable


Aren’t these Mickey and Minnie Mouse puppets so adorable?!  Add them to your paper bag puppet collection and let your imagination run wild with all of the fun adventures they’ll go on. 


Recreating these puppets is easy with use of the free printable template.  To get started, gather up a few basic supplies:



Colored cardstock (red, yellow, white, and black)
Paper Bag
Marker (optional, for adding additional details)
Free Printable Template (found at the end of this post)


You can find the Mickey and Minnie templates at the bottom of this post. Look for the button that says “click here.”   Print the template out and follow the instructions on each page to trace your template pieces onto the correct colors.  Carefully cut everything out.



First, print out and trace the template pieces for the character you want to recreate. If you want to make both puppets, print and trace out template pieces from both printables.




Paper Bag Puppet Assembly

After getting everything cut out, it’s time to start assembling your puppet!  Start with the head first, using the photos as guides. 


For Mickey,  glue the white face onto the head piece.  Attach Mickey’s ears to the back of his head and then add on his mouth piece, nose and eyes.


You’ll do pretty much the same for Minnie, gluing the face to the head piece before adding in the mouth, eyes, and nose.  Then glue the ears to the back of her head. 


Next, you’ll grab the paper bag, gluing the large black rectangle in place under the flap of the paper bag. 


For Mickey, glue the pants near the opening of the paper bag and then glue the yellow buttons in place.




For Minnie, after gluing the black piece in place and while allowing it to dry, grab the red skirt piece and your white polka dots.  Glue your white polka dots all over the skirt pattern, using scissors to trim off any overhang.  After gluing your polka dots in place, layer and glue the red skirt piece on top of the white skirt, allowing some of the white to show along the bottom. Use the picture below as a guide, if needed.




Finally, you’ll glue the head of each character to the flap of your paper bag, being sure not to glue the flap closed. 





After gluing Minnie’s head in place, you’ll want to assemble and glue on her hat and flower accessories.  Again, use the photo below as a guide if needed. 



Set everything aside after gluing all of your pieces in place, allowing your characters to dry. 


Mickey and Minnie Mouse Puppet Crafts Preschool Craft Free


And now your characters are ready to play!  Let your imagination run wild as they take you on their crazy adventures!



Ready to recreate your own Mickey and Minnie Mouse Puppet Crafts? Click the button below to grab the free printable templates!  The first four pages are templates for the Mickey Mouse craft. Pages 5-9 are for Minnie Mouse. 

Printables 4 Mom