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Monster Craft and Writing Prompt

How about we share a Monster Craft and Writing Prompt for your kids or students?!  This activity comes with two separate printables, each one with its own Monster character and writing template. Use them both or let the kiddos pick their favorites.  Each Monster can be completely customized, using whatever colored cardstock you choose. You can also cut everything out onto white paper and color in your monster. Either way, have fun it!


Monster Craft and Writing Prompt


This craft comes with the printables to create two different monster. So pick your favorite one or create both!


We’re going to start with the orange monster.


Cut and Paste Orange Monster Craft


To get started with this orange monster, you’ll need a few basic supplies:



Colored craft paper, crayons, glue, scissors, and the free printable found here:


We used blue, white, and various shades of orange to create this monster. However, you can use any colors you want for your monster character.

After downloading the free printable from the button above, follow the directions at the top of each template page to print out your template on the correct colored cardstock. 


Next, carefully cut out all of your monster pieces.



After cutting everything out, begin assembling your monster starting with his face.  Glue the half circle piece to the bottom of the large circle, tucking the teeth underneath and gluing them in place as well. Glue the eyes in place.


Next, glue the bottom of each ear to the backside of the head and then add the hair, as shown in the photo below.



Attach the head to your body piece then add in the wings to the back.  Finally glue in place and spot pieces you want to add. 


If you want you can glue the whole thing to a piece of colored cardstock to create a background.  Allow everything to dry. 



Now, you can stop here or you can use the final printable page of the template to add a writing prompt to this activity.



You can print the writing template and use it as is or mount it to your choice of colored cardstock to make it a little sturdier. 



And there you have it! Your first monster is complete.  And now onto the second one. 



Cut and Paste Blue Monster Craft


The instructions for this blue monster are almost identical to those for the orange monster above.  To get started, first gather up all of your supplies.



You’ll need crayons, glue, scissors and colored craft papers.  We used black, white, red, orange, and a couple of shades of blue.  However, like the first monster, you can get completely creative with it and use and colors you’d like!


You’ll also need the free printable template which can be grabbed through this button:


After downloading your free printable, use the instructions listed at the top of each page as a guide for printing out each template page onto the correct colored cardstock.  


After printing out each page, carefully cut out all of your template pieces.



Next, you’ll begin to assemble your monster character. 


Starting with the round head section, use your glue to attach your monsters eyes, mouth, teeth, and tongue in place.  Glue the ear and horn pieces to the top back of the head, as shown below.


Attach the monsters head to it’s body and glue the arm pieces in place on the back of the body, one on each side.  Finally, glue his little spots in place. 


Allow everything to dry completely. 






If you want, you can grab another piece of colored cardstock and glue your monster to the center, creating sort of a background, like we did above.  


Just as with the first monster, you can stop here or you can use the last page in the printable above for an additional writing prompt activity. 



Again, print and use this writing prompt as is or create a background for it, using your choice of colored cardstock, to make it a little sturdier.




Allow everything to dry and your monsters are complete!


Again, if you’re looking for the free printable templates for these monsters, scroll up and find the black, pink, and white buttons that say “Click Here.”   You’ll find two of them within this post, one for each monster.  


And click here if you’re looking for additional, free Halloween printables

Happy Printing!

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