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Monster Line Study Art Prints

While we’re still in Monster season (hello, Halloween!) I wanted to share these Monster Line Study Art Prints with you all. Though really, if your kids are anything like my daughter, monsters are a hit year round! 


Monster Line Study Art Prints


These Monster Art Prints pair perfectly with the Monster print and paste craft and writing prompt set we shared recently.  So be sure to grab those as well, if you haven’t already!


Line Study Art


We’ve shared several line study art projects here but if you’re unfamiliar with them, line studies are a fun way to teach the importance of lines to create shape, pattern, texture, movement, space, and even optical illusions in design.  

Rather than looking at the page as a whole, it’s broken up into sections. Each section will be treated as it’s own little art space.  You can use straight lines in each space, as we did with our finished project, or you can use any line shapes you’d like.  We played around with some different lines in this unfinished, still in progress, piece.



Of course, you don’t have to use lines alone! Fill in your spaces with dots, bubbles, swirls, flowers, little monsters, or anything else you can think of. The whole point is to just have fun and get creative with it!


To get started, grab the free printables from the link found at the end of this post.  You can print out both monsters or pick your favorite.  I recommend printing your monsters out onto heavy weight paper or white cardstock. Regular printer paper will work, but something a little more heavy duty will allow it to withstand all your line manipulations. 


I use this Neenah Exact Index Paper for most of my projects and I’m able to get it at my local Walmart for pretty cheap.



You’ll also want something to draw your lines with. You can use a sharpie, marker, pen or pencil – whatever you have on hand.  And while it’s optional, you may want to grab a piece of colored cardstock to use as a background for your finished project, scissors, glue or double sided tape, and something, such as markers, colored pencils, or crayons, to color in your art (if you choose to do so).



After printing out your monster templates, begin working on one small section at a time filling them in with lines, swirls, dots, or anything else you choose. When you’re done with one section move on to the next and so on until you’re done. 

If you want, when you’re done filling in each section of your monster line study, you can grab your coloring materials and begin coloring in your finished piece. 



Finally, cut the border off your finished art print.  Grab a piece of colored cardstock of your choosing and glue your art print to the cardstock, creating a framed look.  Again, this step is completely optional, but it does pull your art work all together, giving it a crisp look.




And there you have it! Simply set aside to dry and then display and be proud of your finished work!



Again, don’t be afraid to get creative with this! The crazier your lines, the more interesting the final piece will be.  We used straight lines in alternating directions for simplicity, but adding jagged lines and swirls adds so much more character to your finished piece.



Ready to get started?  Click the button below to grab these free printable monster templates.

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