Mother’s Day Hershey Bar Wrappers!

Why give an ordinary box of chocolates this Mother’s Day when you can hand out these customized Hershey Bars!   We make it easy with free printable Mother’s Day Hershey Bar Wrappers.

Mother’s Day Hershey Bar Wrappers

Mother's Day Hershey Bar Wrappers. Free Printable DIY Gift

These Mother’s Day bars come in the traditional silver and chocolate brown color, or grab the pink or purple version.

These printable wrappers fit the regular sized Hershey Bars. Choose your color, print and cut. Then wrap the label around your candy bar and secure with double sided tape, glue dots or your favorite adhesive.

And be sure to make extra’s to celebrate all the special Mother’s in your life!

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3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Hershey Bar Wrappers!

  1. Eeeek I am giving mom chocolate for mday any way so this is perfect!

  2. […] of my bloggy friends site and wanted to share.  If you want to create some of these for your mom, here is the link to find that […]

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