Mother’s Day Sweet Fruit Basket Craft

We are always looking for new and fun ideas for Mother’s Day, because what’s the fun in giving the same exact gift year after year? This Mother’s Day Sweet Fruit Basket Craft is so easy to put together and the kids had so much fun with this one! Keep reading to see how we put it together and to grab the free printable template.

Mother’s Day Sweet Fruit Basket Craft

Mother’s Day Sweet Fruit Basket Craft

To recreate this paper craft, you’ll need to gather up a few supplies first. These are items you probably already have laying around the house!

  • Construction paper: red, yellow, light green, green and brown
  • Brown colored pencils
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Google eyes (optional)

You’ll also need a copy of the free printable template which can be found at the bottom of this post. Print it out on white printer paper or cardstock and use colored pencils to color the fruit basket brown.


Now cut out the basket and all the fruit pieces from the template.

Trace all the small template pieces onto the red construction paper & cut them out.

Let’s start with the cherries first. Cut two leaves from the light green construction paper (think of a pointed oval shape) and two stems out of the brown paper (a curved ‘V’ shape).

Glue the leaves to the stem and the stem to the two small red circles.

To bring the cherries to life, draw two smiles and either draw eyes or use google eyes.

Now to make the strawberry, cut a stem and leaf out of the green paper.

Glue onto the red oval shape.

Use the black marker to add some strawberries seeds and a face.

Onto the last fruit, the watermelon. Now that the large triangle is cut from the red construction paper, you can cut on the other curved lines of the watermelon template.

Trace the outer curve from the green construction paper and the inner curve from the light green construction paper.

Glue these two green pieces onto the red triangle piece.

To finish off the watermelon, use the black marker to add seeds and a face.

Finally, gather up all the fruit pieces you’ve just created.

Aren’t they adorable!? Then finish off the sweet fruit basket craft by gluing all the fruit inside the basket.


And now it’s ready to give to your ‘Sweet’ Mother!

Grab the printable below to recreate this adorable Mother’s Day gift.

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