Mr. Knox Bubble Wrap Craft

Those of you who are Dr. Seuss fans are sure to know who our next Bubble Wrap Craft character is – Mr. Knox.  Mr. Knox is another character from the Fox in Socks book and he’s another one of our favorite Dr. Seuss characters.  So of course, we had to add him to the list for our Dr. Seuss crafts.  Grab the free printable template and a few supplies to recreate this fun Mr. Knox Bubble Wrap Craft.


Mr. Knox Bubble Wrap Craft


Mr. Knox is the second main character in Dr. Seuss’ book, Fox in Socks.  He gets quite frustrated and has a hard time keeping up with Fox and all of his tongue-twisters.  My daughter and I love this book and have so much fun trying to get through each set of rhyming tongue-twister as smoothly as possible.  And of courses, if we’re doing a Fox in Socks Bubble Wrap Craft we definitely have to add in Mr. Knox as well!


To get started, gather up the following supplies:


Cardstock paper in white and yellow, as well as one for the background (we chose to use orange and blue for ours)
Bubble Wrap (with small bubbles)
Craft Paint (we used yellow and pink for this one)
Paint Brush
Markers (optional, for adding extra details as wanted)
Printable Template found at the end of this post (look for the “click here” button)




Begin by printing out your template onto the cardstock pages.  You’ll want to print the first page of the template onto yellow cardstock and the rest onto white cardstock. 


After printing out your template, grab the collar template page, paint brush, bubble wrap, and pink craft paint (or whatever color you’ve chosen for the collar).  Picking out a section of the bubble wrap that’s big enough to cover the collar image, carefully paint the bubble wrap on the bubble side. 


Before the paint dries, gently press the collar template page onto the painted bubble wrap.  As with the other bubble wrap characters, this doesn’t have to be perfect.  The whole idea is to give some character and texture to your craft.  


Set the collar page aside and repeat the above steps with the body section of the template and your yellow craft paint.   Set it aside to dry as well.


After everything is dry, carefully cut out all of your template pieces. 



Now that everything is cut out, it’s time to begin assembling Mr. Knox!  


Grab the colored cardstock you’ve chosen as the background and, using the image below as a guide, begin piecing together your Knox character, starting with the body and head piece and finishing with the eyes and collar. 



Now that everything is glued into place, set aside and allow to dry.  


And that’s it! You’re Mr. Knox character is ready to be put on display with the rest of your Dr. Seuss characters!



Ready to make your own? Click the button below to grab the free printable template!

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