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Mrs. Claus Christmas Accordion Craft

Santa wouldn’t be who he is without his Mrs. Claus! So of course, we had to add Mrs. Claus to this christmas craft series. So if you loved our last Santa craft, be sure to grab the template and recreate this Mrs. Claus Christmas Accordion Craft!


Mrs. Claus Christmas Accordion CraftMrs. Claus Christmas Accordion Craft Free Printable Craft


First, gather up your supplies:



Cardstock or Construction Paper
Pink Crayon
Black Marker
Printable template (found at the end of this post)


Download the template found below.  Following the instructions listed at the top of each template page, print out your template onto tan, white, pink, and red construction paper.  After printing, carefully cut out each of your pieces.



If you’d prefer, you could print the template out using whatever paper you have on hand and use it to trace each of your pattern pieces onto the suggested paper colors. Or use white cardstock for everything and color in your pieces with crayons or colored pencils.


After cutting everything out, begin assembling and gluing together your Mrs. Claus.  Start with the “dress” piece and glue the wavy white “pocket” piece onto the center, lower half. Then layer on the red half circle, followed by the white half circle. Finish the dress up by gluing the collar to the top “neck” section.


Set the dress aside to dry and begin working on head.  Glue the hair piece to the top of the head piece. Then add in the small red strip to create the “hair tie” on the bun.


Finally, glue the head to the top of the dress. If needed, use the large, red “body” piece as extra support by gluing it to the back of your head and dress.



After everything is dry, use a black marker to draw a face for your Mrs. Claus and the pink crayon to add cheeks. If you want, you can draw on earrings or use some scrap paper to create and glue on a pair of earrings.



While that’s drying, grab your red construction paper and cut out four, 2 inch wide strips of paper.  Carefully fold each strip, alternating the direction back and forth, to create an accordion fold.



When each strip is complete, glue them to the back of your Mrs. Claus character, creating the legs and arms.



Allow to dry and your craft is finished! Mrs. Claus pairs perfectly with the accordion Santa Claus and looks great displayed around the house or as a bulletin board craft.



Recreate this Mrs. Claus Christmas Accordion Craft by clicking the button below and printing out the free template.

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