Naughty or Nice Christmas Gift Tags

Looking for some and fun and unique gift tags this Christmas? Check out these Naughty or Nice Christmas Gift Tags straight from the North Pole!
Pick your favorite Naughty or Nice tags from these three aweseome (and free) printables!
Naughty or Nice Christmas Gift Tags
Thanks to Brooklyn Limestone you can gather your own list, check it twice and gift in style!
You can find these Naughty or Nice Printable Flags, as well as many other adorable Christmas gift tags, at Cute Crafting.
These Naughty and Nice tags, straight from Santa Claus himself, can be found at Decking the Holidays.
Be sure to check out the other Free Christmas Printables too!

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3 thoughts on “Naughty or Nice Christmas Gift Tags

  1. Ellen Rivoir

    Love the tags!

  2. Nicole

    Love the tags! Do you have an update for 2014?

    1. Hi Nicole! Brooklyn Lime was generous enough to update this printable for use in any year! =)

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