New Year’s Eve Printable Memory Game

Here’s another fun, last-minute New Year’s Eve activity to print and play, because everyone loves a good game of memory. My teens will even join in for a round or two from time to time. Plus, it’s simple enough that the young ones can join in on the fun! Grab this New Year’s Eve Printable Memory Game just in time for the big night!


New Year’s Eve Printable Memory GameNew Year's Eve Printable Memory Game Free Activity for kids and adults


This printable comes with three pages and 18 sets of matching cards.  You can use regular printer paper, but I recommend using cardstock or heavy weighted paper. This will allow your game to hold up longer when played with little hands. Of course, you can also laminate the pieces to really make them last.


New Year's Eve Printable Memory Game


To play, grab the free printable found at the end of this post. After printing, carefully cut out each piece.  If you’re looking for a quick game or to make it easier for younger players, print and cut out only one or two of the game pages.  Use all the cards for a more challenging game of memory.



Lay the cards face down and mix them all up. Begin laying your cards in rows as shown below.  The first player starts by turning over any two cards, showing the cards to everyone at the table.



If the cards match, the player keeps them and continues playing. If the cards are not a match, the player turns the cards back over and their turn is over.



Players should watch everyone as they turn over cards and try to remember where each card is. The game is over when all the cards have been matched. The player with the most matching sets of cards wins the game.


Pretty simple, right? Click the button below to grab the New Year’s Eve Printable Memory Game.

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