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New Year’s Eve Word Search Printable

Everyone loves a good word search and this one has a New Year’s Eve theme! It’s a fun activity for kids of all ages (even adults).  With 18 different New Year’s Eve themed vocabulary words to find, this New Year’s Eve Word Search Printable is a quick print and go activity!


New Year’s Eve Word SearchNew Year's Eve Word Search Printable Free Printable Activity for Kids and Adults


New Year’s Eve can be a fun and exciting time for kids, and there are many ways they can enjoy the holiday. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Have a dance party: Turn up the music and have a dance party with your kids. You can also try learning a new dance together.
  2. Play party games: Play some classic party games like Simon Says, Red Light, Green Light, or musical chairs. You can also create your own games or scavenger hunts.
  3. Have a movie night: Snuggle up with blankets and pillows and watch a family-friendly movie or TV show. You can also have a marathon of your kids’ favorite movies or TV shows.
  4. Make noisemakers: Help your kids make their own noisemakers out of items you have around the house, such as pots and pans, cardboard tubes, or plastic bottles filled with beans or rice. 
  5. Have a craft night: Set up a craft station and let your kids create their own New Year’s Eve decorations or party favors. You can use materials like paper, glitter, stickers, and markers.
  6. Have a family game night: Play board games, card games, or video games together as a family. This is a great way to have fun and spend quality time together.
  7. Have a mock countdown: If your kids are too young to stay up until midnight, you can have your own countdown and celebrate the New Year at an earlier time that works for them.

By using their imagination and getting creative, kids can have a lot of fun on New Year’s Eve.


Printable Word Search

This printable was a special request from my son who is looking for some fun road trip activities. He’s got a special one-on-one trip planned with Dad tomorrow, but the drive is a long one. He’s looking for ways to occupy his time and hopefully make the drive seem shorter than it actually is.



Unfortunately for him, this New Year’s Eve printable isn’t going to be one of those activities. He simply couldn’t wait that long and is hunting down each word at this very moment.



Word searches can be a fun and educational activity for kids and adults. Benefits include:

  1. Improving vocabulary: Word searches can help expand a person’s vocabulary by introducing them to new words and their meanings.
  2. Enhancing spelling skills: Word searches require people to carefully look for words and check their spelling, which can help improve spelling skills.
  3. Developing problem-solving skills: Word searches involve finding words hidden in a grid of letters, which requires people to think critically and use problem-solving skills.
  4. Promoting focus and concentration: Word searches require people to focus and concentrate on finding the hidden words, which can help improve attention span and focus.
  5. Relieving stress: Word searches can be a relaxing activity that can help reduce stress and promote a sense of calm.

Overall, word searches can be a fun and beneficial activity for both kids and adults, promoting language and cognitive skills, as well as providing a break from screens and other stimuli.


Just in time for New Year’s Eve, grab this free printable New Year’s Eve Word Search by clicking the button below.


I hope that the new year brings everyone joy, happiness, and all the things they wish for. May it be a year full of love, peace, and laughter for everyone.


New Year's Eve Word Search Free Printable Game

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