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Owl and Fox Valentine’s Day Cards

Here’s another simple, yet cute print and cut Valentine’s Day option – Owl and Fox Valentine’s Day Cards! These printable cards come with six different designs to mix and match, each one featuring a cute owl or fox character (or two).

Owl and Fox Valentine’s Day Cards

Owl and Fox Valentine's Day Cards Free Printables


Once upon a time, in a dense forest, there lived an owl named Hootie and a fox named Foxy. They had known each other for many years and had formed a close bond based on mutual respect and a shared love of adventure.

Hootie was known throughout the forest as a wise and knowledgeable creature. He was a great source of advice and was always there to lend an ear when anyone needed it. Foxy, on the other hand, was known for her cunning and quick wit. She was always up for a challenge and loved to explore new places.

Despite their differences, the two friends were inseparable. They would spend hours talking and laughing together, sharing stories and learning from each other. Their bond was strong, and they looked out for each other in good times and bad.

One Valentine’s Day, Hootie woke up feeling especially festive. He had heard that Foxy loved flowers, and he wanted to do something special to show her how much he appreciated their friendship. He set out into the forest to find the prettiest bouquet of flowers he could.

Hootie searched high and low, examining every bloom and petal until he finally found the perfect bunch of wildflowers. They were a rainbow of colors and their sweet fragrance filled the air. Hootie wrapped the flowers in a beautiful ribbon and made his way to Foxy’s den.

When Foxy saw the bouquet, she was overjoyed. She had never received a gift like this before, and she was touched by Hootie’s thoughtfulness. She thanked him and asked what the occasion was. Hootie shyly told her that it was Valentine’s Day and that he wanted to show her how much he valued their friendship.

Foxy was taken aback. She had never thought of Valentine’s Day as a day to celebrate friendship, but now she realized that Hootie had always been there for her, supporting her through thick and thin. She felt a warm glow in her heart and told Hootie that their friendship meant the world to her.

The two friends spent the rest of Valentine’s Day enjoying each other’s company. They went for a walk through the forest, admiring the beauty of nature and talking about their hopes and dreams. Hootie told Foxy about his love of learning and his desire to pass on his wisdom to others. Foxy, in turn, shared her passion for adventure and her love of discovering new things.

As the day went on, Hootie and Foxy’s bond grew even stronger. They realized that they had much more in common than they had ever imagined, and they felt grateful to have each other in their lives. They made a promise to always be there for each other, no matter what the future held.

From that day on, Hootie and Foxy cherished their friendship even more. They went on many adventures together, exploring new parts of the forest and discovering hidden wonders. They continued to support each other and share their experiences, growing closer with each passing day.

Years went by, and Hootie and Foxy remained the best of friends. They were always there for each other, through good times and bad, and their bond only grew stronger with time. They continued to spread joy and support throughout the forest, inspiring others with their unwavering friendship.

In the end, Hootie and Foxy learned that friendship is one of the greatest gifts of all. They cherished their bond and were grateful for each other every day. And so, the owl and the fox lived happily ever after, exploring the world and spreading love wherever they went.


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To use these Valentines, I recommend printing them out onto cardstock or heavy weighted paper.  They print six to a page, so print multiple pages if needed for your next Valentine’s Day party.

Owl and Fox Valentine's Day Cards Free Printables


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