Paper Ballerina Snowflakes, Angels and Fairies!

Do you love making paper snowflakes? Step up your snowflake game with these Paper Ballerina Snowflakes, Angels and Fairies!


Create your own unique snowflakes to use with these printables or pick your favorite templates from First Pallette.


To recreate this angel snowflake, print the template onto heavy-weighted or cardstock paper. Using any snowflake you want, cut a slit in the center and carefully guide the “skirt” onto your angel. If the cut is too big, you can use tape to hold the skirt in place. Angel Snowflake Printable


Paper Ballerina Snowflakes

These snowflake ballerinas would be cute in a fun, winter scene! Visit Kids Kubby for tutorial and free printables.



These fairy snowflakes are just adorable! Get the free printable and instructions from Adventure-in-a-Box.


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