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Paper Cone Christmas Tree Craft

I love homemade crafts, especially Christmas ones! The holiday season is the perfect time to slow down, turn on your favorite Christmas music, and craft together as a family.  This Paper Cone Christmas Tree Craft comes with a free, printable template and comes together with supplies you probably already have laying around the house. So gather up the kids on a chilly winter night and get your craft on!


Paper Cone Christmas Tree CraftPaper Cone Christmas Tree Craft Free Printable Template


First, grab a few simple supplies to get started.



    1. Various shades of green cardstock paper
    2. Glitter sticker paper or glitter foam stars
    3. Pencil
    4. Scissors
    5. Craft glue
    6. Printable Template (found at the end of this post)



Download and print out the template at the bottom of this post. Carefully cut out all the of pieces, and then trace them onto your cardstock papers. Cut out each of your traced pieces.



Take the pattern cut out for the cone. Roll the pattern and glue the sides together to secure the cone pattern.  This will be the base of your Christmas tree.



Grab the zigzag bordered papers. Starting with the longest pattern first, attach it around the bottom side of the cone. You can either apply glue on the back side of the pattern or apply glue on the cone. Do whatever is easiest for you.



After applying glue on the zigzag strip (or the cone) carefully wrap the glued part around the bottom side of the cone.



Continue to attach the rest of the zigzag strips in the same way, starting with the longer strips and ending with the shorter ones at the top of the cone.



Also, try to keep the zigzag ends aligned all on one side. This will be the back side of your tree.



Finally attach the top cone part to your tree, as show below, and allow the glue to dry.



Cut out a star shape from your glitter paper (or any other color as you prefer) and attach it on the top of the paper cone Christmas tree. Alternatively, you can use premade glitter foam stars from Walmart or Amazon.



Allow to dry and your tree is finished!


Paper Cone Christmas Tree Craft Kids Easy Craft


Create several to make your own Christmas tree village or to use as decorations around the house.


Paper Cone Christmas Tree Craft DIY Kids activity


You could also form a small loop out of twine or ribbon and glue it to the back of your star to create a Christmas ornament!


Click the button below to grab your free, printable template and recreate this Paper Cone Christmas Tree Craft.


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