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Paper Plate Earth Painting with Printable Template

Still looking for the perfect Earth Day craft? How about an Earth Painting?!  This Paper Plate Earth Painting is easy to recreate when paired with the free printable template. Gather your supplies, print the template, and get started on this fun Earth Day craft!


Paper Plate Earth Painting with Printable Template

Paper Plate Earth Painting with Printable Template


Doesn’t it look great? I love the way the finished project and it’s such a fun and easy craft. To get started you will need:

Paper Plates
Green and Blue Paint
Paint Brush
Black Marker


Download and print out the Earth template found at the bottom of this page. Cut around the perimeter of the earth and then cut out the continents as shown in the photo.


Using the bottom or round side of the plate, trace the template onto the paper plate with a pencil.


Once you are happy with the rough draft of your earth, trace over your pencil drawing with a black marker.


Watercolors work great on this project, but if you don’t have watercolors simply thin down some regular craft paint with a little bit of water. Using green and blue, paint in your Earth.


Allow the paint to dry completely and your Earth Day craft is complete!

Paper Plate Earth Painting with Printable Template


This would be a fun classroom craft too. Attach some clear fishing line and hang around the room! You can even repeat the steps above on the other side of the plate.




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Friday 22nd of April 2022

My class absolutely loves it.


Thursday 19th of April 2018

Trying to plan busy work for tomorrow afternoon and your newsletter came out at the perfect time. This will be great. Thank you for sharing.

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