Penguin Accordion Printable Craft

The third character in our winter accordion craft series is this Penguin Accordion Printable Craft! Whip this winter character up with some construction paper and our free printable template!

Penguin Accordion Printable Craft

Penguin Accordion Printable Craft Free DIY


First, gather up your supplies:

Cardstock or Construction Paper (we used orange, black, red, white, and green)
Pink Crayon
Black Marker
Printable template (found at the end of this post)

If you don’t have colored construction paper or cardstock, you can use white cardstock and color in your penguin.

After downloading the template, print out each page on the color of construction paper listed at the top. Then carefully cut out each piece.


After everything is cut out, grab your glue and begin assembling your penguin.  Glue together the black head and body pieces, then layer on the large white pieces. Position and glue on your scarf pieces and the ear muffs. Finally, glue the nose onto your penguin.



Allow everything to dry and then grab your black marker and pink crayon to create a face on your penguin.


Set your penguin aside and cut four 2 inch wide strips of paper. Fold each piece back and forth, creating an accordion fold.


Glue the accordion arms to the back of your penguin, creating two arms and two legs.


Penguin Accordion Printable Craft


Allow those to dry and then your craft is finished! Add him to the snowman and polar bear craft we shared earlier. They make amazing bulletin board crafts to display around your classroom!


Penguin Accordion Printable Craft
Have fun with these and customize them with whatever colors you want. The possibilities are limitless!

Click the button below to grab the free printable template and recreate this Penguin Accordion Printable Craft.


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