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Poison Apple Ornament Craft

Whether you love Disney or you’re just looking for something a little different this Christmas, this Poison Apple Ornament Craft may be just what you’re looking for!

Poison Apple OrnamentPoison Apple Ornament Craft

First, gather up a few basic supplies.

Cardstock or Heavy Weight Paper (we used white, red, black, green, and blue)
Glue (we used white school glue and a glue stick)
String or Ribbon
Printable Poison Apple Template (found at the end of this post)

After downloading and printing out the poison apple template, carefully cut out the pieces.

Starting with the face, begin gluing the pieces together as shown below.

After the face is finished, glue the whole thing to your “apple” piece.

Cut off a small piece of string your string or ribbon and create a loop. Add a drop of white school glue to the back of your apple and glue the string in place.

Allow to dry and you’re all finished! It’s as simple as that.

Poison Apple Ornament Craft Free Printable Christmas Craft

Create several more in various colors to decorate your Christmas tree.

Poison Apple Ornament Craft Christmas Craft

You can also use these as gift tags.

And don’t forget to make extras to for your friends!

Poison Apple Ornament Craft Free Printable

Click the button below to grab the free printable template for this Poison Apple Ornament Craft.


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