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Polar Bear Accordion Craft

We’ve received several emails about our Christmas Accordion Craft series lately and several of you love them, but didn’t have time to get them done before Christmas. So, we’ve put together a Winter Accordion Craft series for you! It’s a smaller series, with only 5 characters, but they’re all adorable. And we’re starting the series off with my favorite one, this Polar Bear Accordion Craft!


Polar Bear Accordion CraftPolar Bear Accordion Craft Free Printable DIY craft


The supplies for the winter accordion characters is the same as for the Christmas series.  Gather up your scissors, glue, pink crayon, black marker, and cardstock or construction paper.


We used white, red, green, pink, black, and off-white construction paper for this craft. And of course, grab the free printable template which can be found at the end of this post.



After downloading the template, use the guided instructions at the top of each page to print out the template onto your construction paper.  Carefully cut out all the template pieces.



After cutting everything out, grab the glue and begin assembling your polar bear. Add the head piece to the body section, then position and glue on the tie. Glue on the snout and nose sections. Add the pink pieces to finish off the ears. Then top the head with the assembled hat.



Use the black marker and pink crayon to create your polar bear face.



While that’s drying, cut 2 inch wide strips of paper. Fold each strip back and forth, as shown below, to create an accordion fold.



Attach the finished paper strips to the back of your polar bear, creating two arms and two legs.


Polar Bear Accordion Craft Free Printables


All those to dry and then your craft is finished!  These would make amazing bulletin board crafts and can be customized with various colors of construction paper and unique faces. Or use all white construction paper and color everything in!


Polar Bear Accordion Craft Printable


Click the button below to grab the free printable template to recreate this Polar Bear Accordion Craft.

And don’t forget to grab the rest of the accordion craft printables!

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