Poop Emoji Whoopee Cushion Valentine’s

Do your kids love Emoji’s? Grab these awesome Poop Emoji Whoopee Cushion Valentine’s! These Valentine’s are simple to put together and they’re sure to be a hit! Grab the free printable and make your own set of Poop Emoji Valentine’s.


Poop Emoji Whoopee Cushion Valentine’s

Poop Emoji Whoopee Cushion Valentine's Free Printable

Every year we try to do something different and unique for Valentine’s Day.  Living in a small town, our options are limited, and everyone usually ends up getting several of the same Valentine’s.  Thankfully, DIY Valentine’s Day cards are fairly easy and quick with free printables!


This year, my son wanted Poop Emoji Valentine’s, so we created some fun treat bag toppers.


These printable tags can be added to bags of candy, Emoji pencils or anything else you can think up. My son asked for whoopee cushions and I was able to find these Mini Whoopee Cushions toys on Amazon.  Aren’t they perfect?!



The kids and I are so happy with how these Valentine’s turned out and my son can’t wait to pass them out to all of his friends!


To make your own set of Emoji Valentine’s grab the printable below. Print your Valentine’s from home using 8.5″ x 11″ white cardstock or send the file to your local print lab (Walgreens, Staples, etc) to have them printed for you.



These cards will print four to a sheet. After you’ve printed out your valentine’s, simply cut each one out, sign and share!



We used glue dots to attach the topper to our whoopee cushion. You could also use double sided tape or carefully staple them on (being careful not to staple the whoopee cushion.


Ready to recreate these Whoopee Cushion Valentines?

Grab the printable -> Free Poop Emoji Valentine’s





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4 thoughts on “Poop Emoji Whoopee Cushion Valentine’s

  1. Julia

    THese are awesome!!!

  2. Lisa

    These are great! Thanks so much 🙂

  3. Cole

    How did you attach the topper?

    1. Hello Cole!

      We used glue dots to attach the topper to ours. You can find them on Amazon – https://amzn.to/2RdbSAs , craft or office stores, or Walmart.

      You could also staple them or use double sided tape.

      Hope that helps!

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