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Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards

Are you looking for some new and unique Valentine’s Day printables this year?  Check out these awesome Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards!


This printable set comes with four different characters – a bird, narwhal, turtle, and a crab!  Plus, we’ve got a colored in version, like below, and a coloring page version that allows you (or your friends) to get creative!


Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards

Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards Free Printables


Aren’t these cards just the cutest?!  They’ll start out looking like a simple envelope with a cloud above it.  When opened up, they’ll reveal the adorable character inside!  


Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards Free Printables

But first, have you heard the story of the two clouds who become Valentines? It’s a cute one to tell your kids!

Once upon a time, high up in the sky, there lived a fluffy white cloud named cumulus. He was known to be the most cheerful and kind-hearted cloud in the sky. One day, cumulus heard a rumor that Valentine’s Day was approaching, and he got very excited.

Cumulus was single and had always been too shy to express his feelings to any of the other clouds. This time, he was determined to make the most of this Valentine’s Day and ask the cloud he had been crushing on, the beautiful and graceful cirrus, to be his Valentine.

He spent the next few days gathering all the resources he could find to create the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise. He collected cotton candy from a nearby candy factory, shaped it into a bouquet of flowers, and attached a love note to it.

On Valentine’s Day, cumulus nervously approached cirrus and presented her with his surprise. To his delight, cirrus was over the moon with his gift and blushed with happiness. She shyly accepted his invitation to be his Valentine and the two of them floated away, hand in hand, into the sunset.

From that day on, cumulus and cirrus were known as the cutest couple in the sky. They spent their days creating rainbows, bringing sunshine to the world, and spreading love wherever they went.

The End.

This cute little story pairs perfectly with these printable Valentines.



Again, there are two versions to this printable set.  The first two pages feature full-colored cards, two per page, to print.


Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards printable

The first page consists of the yellow bird and purple narwal (because who doesn’t love an adorable narwal!?) Valentines.


And the second page features a full-color turtle and crab Valentine.


Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards Free Printables


But we also have coloring page options for those of you who would rather color them in yourself.  


Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards Free Printables


Or you can add a couple of crayons to each Valentine and allow the recipient to color it in!

Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards Free Printables



Print and Cut Free Valentines


After choosing which Valentines you want to use, print out the necessary number of pages needed.  Take each page, one at a time and fold back on the top line so you can only see the cloud.  Then bring that fold down to meet the bottom line.  Press flat.  At this point you should only see the cloud and the envelope.  After folding, carefully cut out each Valentine.


Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards Free Printables


When the recipient opens it, they’ll see a little surprise inside – a cute character with a fun little message.


Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards Free Printables


Fill in the “To” and “From” section on each Valentine and they are ready to be given out to friends!  

Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards Free Printables


Don’t these just look amazing?  Hand these out, as is, to your friends, family, and neighbors. 


Of course, like we mentioned before, you can hand out the coloring page version of these with a few crayons, allowing the recipient to color them in.  Or you can add these to a treat bag, attach a pencil or cute eraser to the back, combine it with some chocolates, or anything else you can think of.  


My daughter wants to attach a mini fidget toy to each one this year:


If you have a great idea on how to use these, send us an email. We’d love to hear it!


Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards Free Printables


Free Printable Valentine’s Day Template


Ready to grab these Valentines and make them your own? Click the button below to grab these free printables.

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