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Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards

Dive into the world of creativity and surprise with these enchanting Pop-Up Cloud Valentine’s Day Cards! Perfect for those seeking something new and unique for Valentine’s Day, this set features a delightful array of characters including a bird, narwhal, turtle, and crab. To cater to everyone’s taste, we offer both a colored-in version for instant charm and a coloring page version that invites you to add your personal touch of creativity.


Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards

Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards Free Printables


Pop-Up Cloud Valentine’s Day Cards: A Burst of Joy

Imagine the delight as these cards transform from a seemingly simple envelope with a cloud above it to a charming pop-up reveal of an adorable character inside. This interactive element adds a magical touch to your Valentine’s Day greetings, making each card a memorable experience for the receiver.


Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards Free Printables

Two Creative Versions to Choose From

Whether you prefer the ready-to-go charm of fully colored cards or the personal touch of a coloring page version, these printables are designed to spark joy and creativity. The colored version is vibrant and ready to bring smiles, while the coloring page version provides a canvas for personalization, allowing you and your friends to dive into a world of colors.

Crafting Your Valentine’s Day Surprise

To assemble your Pop-Up Cloud Valentine’s Day Cards, simply print out the designs on your preferred paper. For those who appreciate a sturdier card, cardstock is recommended, but regular printer paper will also do the trick. Fold the top line back so only the cloud is visible, then fold down to meet the bottom line and press flat. This clever folding technique ensures that upon opening, the recipient is greeted with a delightful pop-up surprise.

Personalization and Gifting Ideas

Once your valentines are printed and cut out, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Fill in the “To” and “From” sections to personalize each card. These pop-up valentines are perfect as standalone gestures of affection or can be paired with small gifts to make them even more special. Consider attaching a mini fidget toy, a few crayons for the coloring version, or even a small treat to create a thoughtful Valentine’s Day package.

Ready to Spread the Love?

These Pop-Up Cloud Valentine’s Day Cards are not just cards; they’re an interactive experience that brings a dash of fun and a lot of heart to your Valentine’s Day celebrations. Whether handed out to friends, family, or classmates, these valentines are sure to stand out and spread joy. Ready to make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable? Grab these free printables and start creating your own magical pop-up valentines today!




Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards printable

The first page consists of the yellow bird and purple narwal (because who doesn’t love an adorable narwal!?) Valentines.


And the second page features a full-color turtle and crab Valentine.


Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards Free Printables


But we also have coloring page options for those of you who would rather color them in yourself.  


Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards Free Printables


Or you can add a couple of crayons to each Valentine and allow the recipient to color it in!

Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards Free Printables



Print and Cut Free Valentines


After choosing which Valentines you want to use, print out the necessary number of pages needed.  Take each page, one at a time and fold back on the top line so you can only see the cloud.  Then bring that fold down to meet the bottom line.  Press flat.  At this point you should only see the cloud and the envelope.  After folding, carefully cut out each Valentine.


Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards Free Printables


When the recipient opens it, they’ll see a little surprise inside – a cute character with a fun little message.


Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards Free Printables


Fill in the “To” and “From” section on each Valentine and they are ready to be given out to friends!  

Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards Free Printables


Don’t these just look amazing?  Hand these out, as is, to your friends, family, and neighbors. 


Of course, like we mentioned before, you can hand out the coloring page version of these with a few crayons, allowing the recipient to color them in.  Or you can add these to a treat bag, attach a pencil or cute eraser to the back, combine it with some chocolates, or anything else you can think of.  


My daughter wants to attach a mini fidget toy to each one this year:


If you have a great idea on how to use these, send us an email. We’d love to hear it!


Pop-Up Cloud Valentines Day Cards Free Printables


Free Printable Valentine’s Day Template


Ready to grab these Valentines and make them your own? Click the button below to grab these free printables.

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