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Printable Autumn Brain Break Cards

Now that school is back in session, we’re finding the need for some fun Brain Break activities! Whether you’re using them for your classroom, homeschool lessons, or simply while trying to get through homework – these cards will get your kids up and moving, giving them a quick brain break while getting their blood flowing after sitting for long periods of time.  Grab these printable Autumn Brain Break Cards to have on hand the next time your kiddos need to get some wiggles out!


Printable Autumn Brain Break Cards



In my house, we use brain breaks to break up homework time.  They’re especially helpful when working on a difficult homework, one where the student is particularly frustrated. Of course, the sillier the better in those situations.  Getting the kids up and moving, and hopefully laughing, helps tremendously!  We have some fun Brain Break activities that we’ve purchased and have on hand when needed, but we recently printed out these Brain Break cards for fall and the kids are loving them. 


This printable brain break set includes 12 different cards and activities for your kids to complete.  The first two sets ask you to act out scenes around the pumpkin patch.  Kids will “Gallop Around the Patch” and “Heel Walk Through the Patch.”




As well as “Tip Toe Through the Patch” and “Side Step Around the Patch.”  

The next two sets of cards focus on “Apple Picking” activities, such as “Toe Raises” and “Apple Picking.”  Of course, there are additional instructions on each card. For example, for the “Apple Picking” card, you’ll act out the actions of climbing a ladder.

The second set from the “Apple Picking” cards has you do heel raising and another apple picking movement. 

The last two sets of cards are labeled “Don’t Fall” and asks you to complete activities that are focused on strength balancing.  The first two ask you to stand with your left toe touching your right heel and to balance on your right foot. 


The last two cards ask you to do the opposite. You’ll balance on your left foot and stand with your right toe touching your left heel. 



You can simply pick and choose which cards you want to use. Or cut them all out, mix them up and randomly choose which brain breaks to complete!


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