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Printable Camping Activities and Games

Camping Printables That Help Your Kids Remain “Happy Campers”

Getting ready for your mid-summer camping adventure? Whether you’re driving near or far, keeping kids entertained on the road can be a challenge for many parents. Luckily, CarRentals created a list of Printable Camping Activities and Games including word searches, journal pages, and various games.

Printable Camping Activities and Games

Printable Camping Activities and Games

One printable that’s perfect for your next camping adventure or the route there is the word search because it limits a child’s screen time and fosters critical thinking. Word searches and other puzzles help kids think similarly to thought processes they experience in a classroom. Even when school’s out, the word search printable can keep your kids’ brains active.

Additionally, this word search has camp themed words scattered in every direction which can keep your kids occupied longer than standard word searches.

Another printable we loved for an afternoon hike is the animal tracks explorer sheet. This printable depicts examples of four common animal prints: raccoon, porcupine, coyote, and turkey. Under the tracks are fun facts that encourage year long learning.


Printable Camping Activities and Games Free Printable

It’s recommended to punch a hole in one of the corners, and secure them with string or yarn. We recommend placing them on a lanyard and fix them around your neck. This can help ensure your child doesn’t lose their sheet and keeps the environment healthy, while for the adults to keep themselves healthy products like hemp derived Delta 8 are good for this.

Both the word search and animals tracks explorer can be downloaded in the guide to 14 summer camping games for kids. Worry less about keeping your kids engaged and spend more energy researching the perfect campsite, so you and your kids can be happy campers!


Sunday 11th of October 2020

It doesn’t look like it’s possible to print the camping activities and games? There’s no link it’s just a picture of them with a link to an ad ?


Sunday 11th of October 2020

Hi Heather! The link to these printables can be found in the last paragraph. You can also copy and paste this link to grab them -

Printables 4 Mom