Printable Groundhog’s Day Activity Pages

This year, I wanted to be sure to do something – anything – for Groundhog’s Day, so I put together these Printable Groundhog’s Day Activity Pages for the kiddos.


We don’t typically do much for Groundhog’s Day. Not for any particular reason except that it sneaks up on me year after year and I’m never really prepared. We do enjoy seeing Punxsatawney Phil though – watching to see if he’ll see his shadow or not.


Do you have any Groundhog Day traditions? If so, I’d love to hear all about them! In the meantime, grab these free printable activity pages for your kiddos.


Printable Groundhog’s Day Activity Pages

Printable Groundhog's Day Activity Pages


Can you believe Groundhog Day is almost here?  In case you’re wondering (and often forget, as I do), Groundhog day is on February 2nd.  So soon!  


It’s crazy cold here and the local weathermen have been talking about an incoming snow storm for days now, but we haven’t gotten too much snow yet.  As much as we need the moisture, I hate the snow and I’m not looking forward to getting any here.  


Hopefully wherever you are you are able to stay warm.  Or maybe you’re one of those weird people who love the snow. In that case, you can have it!  Kidding. Sort of.  


But back to Groundhog’s Day.  We’ve put together a fun three page printable pack that comes with a maze, word search, and coloring page for your kiddos to complete.


Printable Groundhog's Day Activity Pages


These are great activities to entertain the kids while you wait for Punxsatawney Phil to show this Groundhog Day!


The word search comes with 12 Groundhog Day themed words to find and circle (or cross out).  And the maze asks you to help the cute groundhog character find his way up the surface.


Printable Groundhog's Day Activity Pages


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