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Printable Halloween Masks and Coupons

No Halloween costume? No problem!  Create your own based on one of these 9 free, printable Halloween masks!  Customize them to be any color you want, add a string or glue to a popsicle stick and you’re ready to go.  Plus we’ve got ten bonus coupons to share with you all!  So warm up your printer and grab these Printable Halloween Masks and Coupons for your kiddos.


Printable Halloween Masks and Coupons


This Halloween Mask set comes with 9 printable masks to choose from.  Pick your favorites or print them all out to hand out to friends. 


I recommend printing your masks out onto white cardstock or heavy weight paper.  



After printing them out, simply color in your mask and then cut it out.  Be careful cutting out the eyes.  Little ones may need help with this part.  We used an exacto knife to cut an X in the center of each eye and then carefully cut it all out with scissors. 



Cutting out the mouth piece is optional.  You could also color it in a crazy color or color the mouth black instead of cutting it out.   We chose to cut ours out.



You can even laminate your masks with self-laminating sheets when you’re done.  This will make your masks sturdier and allow them to last longer.  After your masks are complete simply use a hole punch and string to finish off your mask or glue a big popsicle stick to the bottom back. 



Ready to grab your free printable masks? Click the button here to grab your free printable mask templates:




And as an extra bonus, we’ve got TEN fun Halloween coupons to share with you!  

10 Printable Coupons to choose from:

  • *30 minutes extra screen time
  • *One-on-One date with Mom/Dad
  • *Skip 1 chore for the day
  • *Extra horror bedtime story
  • *Random hugs & Kisses from Mom/Dad
  • *Stay up past bedtime
  • *One trip to the ice cream parlor
  • *Pick out dessert for the family
  • *Movie night! You pick the flick
  • *Dinner of your choice




Pick your favorites or use them all!


Click the button below to grab the free coupon printable:

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