Printable New Year’s Confetti Cannons

Will you be going out this New Year’s Eve or celebrating at home? Whether you’re hosting a family or simply celebrating with your family, these Printable New Year’s Confetti Cannons are so fun! And they’re simple to put together with just a few cheap supplies.

Printable New Year’s Confetti Cannons

Printable New Year’s Confetti Cannons perfect for New Year's Eve countdown!


To recreate these cannons, you’ll need a few supplies:

*Printable confetti cannon wraps (found at the end of this post)

*Confetti (or use a hole punch to create confetti from construction paper)

*Cardboard tubes (such as clean toilet paper tubes)




*Duct tape

*Washi tape


After gather your supplies, print and cut apart the confetti cannon wraps.



Then, cut the top off of each balloon.



Tie a knot on the blowing end of the balloons. Stretch the cut end of each balloon over one end of each cardboard tube.



Use duct tape to keep the balloon in place.



Wrap a printed confetti cannon wrap around each tube, lining the top of the printed wrap to the top of the cardboard tube, and attach with glue. 



Use washi tape to cover the seam where the printed wrap meets the balloon.



Fill each confetti cannon with confetti.



To use, hold the confetti cannon firmly in one hand. With the other hand, pull the balloon tight and release!


Ready to make your own? Grab the free printable here!


Enjoy and Happy New Year everyone!

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