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Printable Oil Pastel Bat Craft

I used to love playing with oil pastels, but I haven’t pulled them out in quite some time. But I just had to dig them up for this Printable Oil Pastel Bat Craft! The sky background is easy to recreate with some oil pastels and a bit of blending. Add in the printable bats and you’ve got a great piece of Halloween art to display!


Printable Oil Pastel Bat Craft

Printable Oil Pastel Bat Craft


This art project is easy enough for kids to do but adults will love it just as much! So gather up your kids and girlfriends for a fun group activity!


Obviously, you’ll need some oil pastels to get started on this craft. So gather those up, along with some scissors, glue and construction paper (or cardstock). Finally, grab the free printable template found at the end of this post.



Begin by carefully cutting out all the bats from the template. Set them aside.


On a white piece of construction paper or cardstock, use your yellow pastels to draw a circle, creating a moon in the center of your paper. Then trace your yellow circle, outlining it with orange pastels.



Use your fingertips to smudge the colors together, blending them.



Begin adding in some blues and greens around your moon to create the night sky. Color on a thick layer of the oil pastels.



Then use your fingertips to really blend it all together.



When you’re happy with your oil pastel art, begin gluing the bats in place.



Allow the glue to dry and you’re Bat Art is complete!


Free Printable Oil Pastel Bat Craft


Use different colors to really change this project up and make it unique. A white moon with a purple and pink background would look amazing!


Grab the printable bat template below to get started on this Printable Oil Pastel Bat Craft.





Thursday 7th of October 2021

It looks awesome. I will try it with my students. Thank you!


Thursday 17th of September 2020

I really like this page. The bat one I am going to try for sure. Thanks alot.

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