Printable Pretend Checks for Kids

Make your kids their own pretend check book with these free printable pretend checks for kids! Practice filling out checks, balancing checkbooks, or simply use them for pretend play. 


Printable Pretend Checks for Kids

Printable Pretend Checks for Kids Free Printables


My daughter was given a cash register as a gift a while back and it’s still one of her favorite toys.  Unlike several of her toys that get used occasionally, here and there, and then set aside, her cash register is used several times a week.  And I love that she’s learning early math skills while engaging in pretend play!


Recently we printed up a bunch of these pretend checks to add to her cash register set and they’ve been a huge hit!  It’s hilarious to see all the different “items and services” these checks are written for, as well as what her and her friends think these items and services should be worth.  It’s definitely added a new layer to her pretend play and she’s learning how to fill out a check while practicing her signature.  


We’ve gone through a TON of printable checks in our house and I’m happy to keep printing them up for her.  If you’re looking to add something new to your own kids pretend play, try something a little different, or work on check writing and checkbook balancing skills, grab one or all of these free printable checks.



From ladybugs to cats, professional to just plain fun. Pick your favorite printable pretend checks or grab them all!


Printable Pretend Checks for Kids

Get these Lovebug Printable Checks for your little Lovebug. Use these to make your own “Coupon” gifts for Valentine’s Day too! Free Lovebug Check Printables




Grab this printable from the ‘Just Something I Made’ blog and follow the instructions for creating your own set of pretend checks.  – Pretend Checkbook Printable


Cats, pumpkins, dandelions and more. Get these printable checks from Free Clipart N Images.



Printable Pretend Checks for Kids

If you’re looking for customized checks, grab these freebies from Activities for Kids! Customize the name, address and even the logo!



These professional looking checks can be found at Free Stuff 4 Kids.



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