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Printable Pretend Checks for Kids

Engage your child’s imagination and teach important life skills with our free printable pretend checks for kids. Whether you’re looking to enhance their pretend play experience, practice basic math concepts, or introduce the world of finance, these customizable checks will provide hours of educational fun. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using printable pretend checks for kids and guide you through the process of creating a checkbook for your child’s playtime.


Printable Pretend Checks for Kids

Create Engaging Pretend Play with Printable Pretend Checks for Kids


My daughter was given a cash register as a gift a while back and it’s still one of her favorite toys.  Unlike several of her toys that get used occasionally, here and there, and then set aside, her cash register is used several times a week.  And I love that she’s learning early math skills while engaging in pretend play!


Recently we printed up a bunch of these pretend checks to add to her cash register set and they’ve been a huge hit!  It’s hilarious to see all the different “items and services” these checks are written for, as well as what her and her friends think these items and services should be worth.  It’s definitely added a new layer to her pretend play and she’s learning how to fill out a check while practicing her signature.  


We’ve gone through a TON of printable checks in our house and I’m happy to keep printing them up for her.  If you’re looking to add something new to your own kids pretend play, try something a little different, or work on check writing and checkbook balancing skills, grab one or all of these free printable checks.


Why Printable Pretend Checks Matter:

Printable pretend checks offer a unique and entertaining way for children to learn while playing. Unlike traditional toys that may lose their appeal over time, a cash register and a set of customized pretend checks can become a cherished part of your child’s play routine. By incorporating these checks into their playtime, you’re giving them the opportunity to:

  1. Develop Math Skills: Engaging in activities like writing out amounts and practicing basic addition can help improve your child’s math skills in a hands-on manner.
  2. Understand Financial Concepts: Introducing the concept of checks and money at an early age can lay the foundation for understanding financial transactions and responsible money management.
  3. Enhance Creativity: Pretend play encourages creativity and imaginative thinking. Your child can invent scenarios, items, and services for which they’re writing checks, fostering their creative thinking abilities.


The Power of Pretend Play with Printable Checks:

A gift as simple as a cash register can become a valuable educational tool when paired with printable pretend checks. Your child’s engagement will amaze you as they create unique scenarios and learn to fill out checks. Our collection of free printable checks includes various designs, allowing your child to choose their favorites.



From ladybugs to cats, professional to just plain fun. Pick your favorite printable pretend checks or grab them all!


Printable Pretend Checks for Kids

Lovebug Printable Checks: These adorable checks are perfect for adding a personal touch to gift-giving occasions like Valentine’s Day. Your child can create “Coupon” gifts using these checks. Free Lovebug Check Printables




Printable Pretend Checks for Kids

In the enchanting world of KiddoCoin Adventures Bank, imagination knows no bounds! As you can see in the photo above, I’ve brought to life a set of three vibrant and whimsical checks that are bound to ignite your child’s creativity. These checks are not just pieces of paper; they’re tickets to a world of make-believe, where each check represents a unique adventure waiting to unfold. Crafted with care, these checks are a testament to the power of customization and the joy of imaginative play. Whether your little one dreams of going on a magical quest, exploring distant galaxies, or discovering hidden treasures, these colorful checks from KiddoCoin Adventures Bank are sure to spark endless tales of wonder and excitement. KiddoCoin Adventures Bank Checks


Free Clipart N Images Printable Checks: Cats, pumpkins, dandelions, and more designs are available in this collection. Let your child’s imagination run wild as they use these checks in their play scenarios. Free Clipart N Images.



Printable Pretend Checks for Kids

Activities for Kids Customizable Checks: If you’re seeking a more personalized touch, these free checks allow you to customize the name, address, and even the logo. This resource adds a level of authenticity to your child’s pretend play. Activities for Kids



  • Professional-Looking Checks from Free Stuff 4 Kids: For a more realistic play experience, consider using the professional-looking checks available from Free Stuff 4 Kids. These checks mimic real checks, introducing your child to the formalities of financial transactions. Free Stuff 4 Kids.


How to Integrate Printable Pretend Checks into Playtime:

Incorporating printable pretend checks into your child’s playtime is easy and enjoyable. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

    1. Print the Checks: Download and print the printable checks of your choice. Ensure you have a variety of designs to keep your child engaged.
    2. Set Up the Play Area: Arrange the cash register, play money, and printable checks in a designated play area. This will create an immersive play environment for your child.
    3. Encourage Role-Playing: Encourage your child to take on different roles, such as a cashier, customer, or store owner. This role-playing enhances their social and communication skills.
    4. Guide Check Writing: Teach your child how to fill out the checks. Explain the components of a check, such as the payee’s name, amount, and signature. This step introduces them to basic financial literacy.
    5. Create Scenarios: Prompt your child to think of scenarios for which they would write checks. These scenarios can range from purchasing items to paying for services or even gifting coupons.
    6. Balancing the Checkbook: For older children, introduce the concept of balancing a checkbook. Guide them in recording their “transactions” and keeping track of their play money.
    7. Rotate Designs: Switch out the printable checks regularly to keep the play experience fresh and exciting. This also allows your child to explore different scenarios and themes.



By incorporating printable pretend checks into your child’s playtime, you’re not only providing them with hours of entertainment but also fostering essential skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Whether they’re engaging in creative scenarios, practicing basic math, or developing a sense of financial responsibility, the educational opportunities are limitless. Download our free printable checks, set up a play area, and watch as your child’s imagination soars while they embark on their exciting pretend play journey.

Cecelia Dorsey

Sunday 9th of April 2023

OMG these have got to be one of the cutest things that I have ever seen . Just adorable.

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