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Printable Valentine’s Day Game

Do you play a lot of games as a family?  We love games and have Family Game Nights as often as we can. We have a large selection of games, but we are always looking for more! I just put together this Printable Valentine’s Day Game and we had so much fun with it! Grab the printable below to recreate this game for your own kids.


Printable Valentine's Day Game

This Valentine’s Day game is simple enough that my 5-year-old was able to play right along with my teenagers, and they all loved it! Plus, it comes together in no time. All you need  is Board Game Card Sleeves and if you want to print cards at your home you need free printable (found below), scissors, glue and some small game pieces (we used conversation hearts!).

First, you’ll want to print out both game pages. I recommend using white cardstock or heavy-weighted paper. Regular printer paper will work just fine if that’s all you have though.


After printing out both pages, set the game board aside and carefully cut out the dice game piece.



After cutting out your game piece, turn it over and fold each piece in on the dotted lines.



After folding up all of the tabs and edges, glue the end tab on the raccoon piece to the top of the giraffe piece as shown below.


Next, glue the two sides of the dice in place.


And that’s it! Take turns rolling the dice, racing your way to the finish line!


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This game is perfect for Valentine’s Day, but it can be played year-round too! Enjoy!

Printable Valentine's Day Game Free Download. Great gift idea too!


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