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Pug Paper Bag Puppet Craft

Here’s another great character to add to your paper bag collection – a Pug Paper Bag Puppet Craft! The free printable template makes this an easy craft that looks great when completed.  Create several for a whole family of Pug characters or add him to your paper bag puppet collection for your next puppet show. 


Pug Paper Bag Puppet


Have you read any of the Pig the Pug books? They are so adorable and my daughter can’t get enough of them.  This is a great craft to use in conjunction with reading those books. 


Recreate this fun puppet using only a few simple supplies:

Cardstock (we used a few shades of brown, black, white and pink)
Paper Bag
Free Printable Template (found at the end of this post)


After gathering up your supplies, download the free printable template found below (look for the “click here” button).   Cut all of the template pieces out and trace them onto the correct colored cardstock.  Cut out all of your traced pieces.




After cutting out all of your pieces, grab your paper bag and begin assembling your Pug Paper Bag Puppet.  Use the photo below as a guide if needed.



Start with the large rectangle piece, gluing it onto your paper bag, under the flap.  Glue the larger head piece onto the flap of your paper bag before layering your mouth and eye pieces in place, gluing each one in the correct place. 


Finally, glue the ears in place and set everything aside to dry.


Finished Craft


After everything has dried, your Pug Puppet is ready to be put to use.  Get creative and have fun with him!


Ready to make your own? Click the button below to get the free printable template for your Pug Paper Bag Puppet Craft.



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