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Pumpkin Line Study – Set of 3!

Did you catch our Halloween Line Study series? We’ve had several readers email us, thanking us for the line study projects and I’m happy to hear that so many of you have recreated them! Feel free to continue sending photos of your finished projects. I love to see them!  We also had a request for some pumpkin line study projects. So here are three different versions to choose from!

If you’ve already done any of our other line study projects, you probably already know how to do these. If so, skip down to the end of this post to grab the free printables.

First, gather up a few supplies:

Construction Paper (or cardstock)
Fine Tip Black Marker
Crayons, Markers or Colored Pencils
Printable Template of your choice (found at the end of this post)

There are three pumpkin templates available, so grab your favorite or grab one of each. After choosing and printing out your pumpkin template, work in one section at a time. Draw lines in each section, being careful to keep the lines within the section you are working on.

You can do straight lines, alternating directions, in each section or you can change up the pattern to really mix it up!

Keep drawing line patterns in each section until you’re happy with your line study project.

When you’re done, grab your colors and color the pumpkin orange (or any color you’d like) and color in the background in a bold color.

Once finished, cut around the border of the template, cutting off the excess paper. Glue your finished project onto black construction paper or cardstock to finish it off!

Pick and download your favorite template by clicking on the picture of your choice below:


Pumpkin Template 1:

Pumpkin Template 2:

Pumpkin Template 3:

And just like with the other Halloween Line Study Printables, you can print these at half size to create some fun Halloween cards!


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