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Pumpkin Treat Bag Halloween Craft and Printable

Whether you’re looking for a fun Halloween craft for the kids or a cute gift bag to hand out at your next party, this Pumpkin Treat Bag Halloween Craft is sure to be a hit! Grab the printable template, a few simple supplies and create your own adorable pumpkin bag!

Pumpkin Treat Bag Halloween Craft and Printable

Pumpkin Treat Bag Halloween Craft with Printable Template

First, you’ll need a few simple supplies:

  1. Colored craft paper – orange, green and yellow
  2. Craft glue
  3. Scissors
  4. Pencil
  5. Slotted quilling tool (optional)
  6. Black sharpie (optional, in case you want to draw the eyes)
  7. Printable template (found below)

After gathering up your supplies, select the orange colored craft paper and prepare your paper bag. You can also use store bought paper bags for this craft or make a custom sized bag.

Need help preparing your paper bag? Check out this Youtube video!

After creating your bag, print out the leaves and other items from the colored template or print out the blank patterns and trace them on the craft papers of your choice. Make sure to customize the size of the template patterns for your bag before printing them.


Use craft glue to stick the prepared items on the bag. Glue the top part of the stem on the middle of the paper bag’s open end. Glue the bottom part of the stem along the border of open end (of the paper bag).


Glue the leaves on both sides of the stem. Use a slotted quilling tool (or carefully hand roll) to create the vines from thin paper strips. Glue them on either sides of the stem.


Draw the eyes on 2 round cut outs from white paper or simply print out the eyes from the template.


Stick the eyes on the top side of the paper bag and attach the mouth to complete the pumpkin face.

Add more details if you want to and then allow the glue to dry.

Enjoy your Pumpkin Treat Bag Halloween Craft!

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