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Q-Tip Painting Templates and Do-a-Dot Printables

Have you ever painted with Q-tips? It’s a great activity for little ones who are working on their fine motor skills. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!  Pick your favorite Q-tip painting templates and Do a Dot Printables or grab them all!


Q-Tip Painting Templates – Free Printables


Q-tip painting is a fantastic way to engage kids in a creative and enjoyable art activity. My daughter has loved doing Q-tip art for years! She’s six now and still has a lot of fun with them. Even her older, teenage brothers will join in and paint with her (which makes her very happy). It’s a wonderful bonding experience for the family.


She’s even asked me to do some along side her. And let me tell you, it’s definitely very relaxing! Remember the adult coloring page trend? People love it so much because it’s a simply activity that helps reduce stress and anxiety.  I feel like Q-tip painting can do the same!


And while we’ve gathered up several Q-tip painting printables to share with you for the kiddos, if you don’t feel like doing any of these just grab any coloring page you want (adult or kid version) and use Q-tips and fill it in with paint dots.  Get creative. Get Silly. Have fun!


Now, onto the free printables!


These printable templates are great for toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary students. Simply grab some Q-tips. They don’t need to be anything fancy. The cheap off-brand version from the local dollar store will work just fine for this project.  You’ll also need some washable paint or some Do A Dot Art! Markers.  


After gathering your Q-tips and paint, simple grab your favorite free printable from the options below and start filling it in! 





The first one is for our Dragon friends! Grab this free printable template, print it out using regular printer or heavy weight paper and begin filling in the dots to color him in. Click here to grab this free printable template – Dragon Q-tip Printable.





Just in time for Halloween, grab these Pumpkin Do a Dot Q-tip printables. This two page set comes with an oozing jack o’lantern and a mummy jack o’lantern to paint.






Here’s another set for Halloween (or for those who love to celebrate Halloween all year long). Gift of Curiosity has several free Do-a-Dot printables to grab.  Finish the Haunted house, complete the alphabet maze, and more. 


There are several free options and a few additional bundles available to purchase.  You will have to add the free options to your cart in order to grab them, but check out is simple. 





Learning the Alphabet can be fun with these Alphabet Q-Tip printables from TotSchooling.  They’re free for personal and classroom use and feature all 26 letters of the alphabet, each one featuring a fun scene to color in as well.  The turtle character for the letter T is one of my favorites!





My Little Pony fans can find several Dot-to-Dot printables at Laura Thoughts.  She’s got six printable templates to choose from, including the one above. Grab your favorite or grab all of them!





This tree and sun scene is from Therapy Fun Zone. There’s also a fun castle template too.  They are free but you will have to add them to your cart and check out in order to download them. They won’t ask for credit card information though.






Here’s another great Do-a-Dot package from Gift of Curiosity – Princess themed!  Grab these fun princess themed do-a-dot printables. Again, there are several free options to choose from and a few extra bundles available for purchase (if that’s something you need).  As with the Halloween ones, you’ll have to add the free princess templates to your cart, but checking out is fairly simple.





If you’re looking for a Fall Themed dot-to-dot, visit From ABCs to ACTs for these printables. This set is an easy download.  No checkout process required! This set comes with four template pages – an apple, a pumpkin, a leaf, and the word “fall.”




And, finally, Making Learning Fun has MULTIPLE dot-to-dot or Q-tip painting printables to choose from! You’ll find this Chicka, Chicka, 1-2-3 Tree, lowercase and uppercase alphabet letters, numbers 0 through 10, a dinosaur, a frog, a groundhog, a rainbow, and so many more.  With all their options, you’ll have no problem finding one that your kids will enjoy painting.


There you go! Choose your favorite Q-tip painting templates or create your own designs. Encourage your kids to let their imaginations run wild and have fun with the colors. Q-tip painting is a delightful way for children to explore their creativity, develop their fine motor skills, and enjoy moments of artistic expression.


And for more fun kid activities, be sure to check out all the free coloring worksheets!


Happy Printing!



Q-Tip Painting Templates and Do-a-Dot Printables Free activities


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