Quilled Thing 1 and Thing 2 Paper Craft

My kids love Dr. Seuss’s Thing 1 and Thing 2. So to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Birthday, we put together this Quilled Thing 1 and Thing 2 Paper craft! This craft is easy to recreate using the free, printable template and a few simple supplies.

Quilled Thing 1 and Thing 2 Paper Craft

These characters feature quilled “hair.” I used to love quilling crafts and did quite a bit of it, so it was fun to add a little bit of that into these Dr. Seuss characters. It’s a fun and unique craft trend to teach the kids and this is a great ‘beginner’ project to do so.

To recreate these characters, gather up the following supplies:

  1. Colored cardstock paper
  2. Pencil
  3. Marker pen
  4. Scissors
  5. Craft glue
  6. Printable Template (found at the end of this post)


After gathering up your supplies and cutting out the pattern from the printable template, trace the template patterns onto your cardstock paper. Trace the 2 circles onto the white cardstock and the rest of the patterns onto the red paper.


If you have quilling paper on hand, you can use that for this next step. But if not, you can prepare the paper yourself. You’ll want to create strips from the blue cardstock, approximately 2 cm x 10 cm in length.


With your blue strips of paper, you’ll want to make quilled teardrop shapes. These will create the “hair” on your characters, so make as many as you want. To create the teardrop shape, start at one and and roll the paper all the way to the other end, creating a circle with the paper. Allow your circle to loosen up a little before applying a drop of glue to the end of the paper, securing your circle. Next, pinch one end of your circle to create the teardrop shape as shown below.


Next, you’ll want to grab the pattern you cut out earlier. Place the rectangular cut out on a flat surface, vertically. As shown in the photo below, you’ll want to use glue to stick the feet cut outs on the bottom side of the vertical rectangle. Keep enough space on the top side of the vertical rectangle for the head (big circle) and stick the hand cut outs on 2 sides of the vertical rectangle. Use a black sharpie, marker, or pen to draw on the faces of the Thing 1 and Thing 2. You’ll also want to write ‘Thing 1’ and ‘Thing 2’ on the small circle cut outs.


Attach the head of your characters onto the top end of the vertical rectangle and attach the small round cut out onto the middle of the rectangle.


Apply a line of glue along the top side of the character’s head.


Place the quilled teardrop shapes on the glued part, with their pointy side facing outside.


Add in a few more quilled teardrop shapes until you are happy with your character’s “hair.” When you are done gluing the quilled shapes into place, keep your character on a flat surface and all the glue to dry completely.

Wasn’t that fun and easy! Grab some more paper and make the other ‘Thing’ character.

And you’re done! It’s that simple. To recreate this Quilled Thing 1 and Thing 2 Paper Craft, grab the printable template here:

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