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R2D2 Print and Paste Craft and Coloring Page

Here’s another fun craft for Star Wars fans! Grab your cardstock and the free printable template to recreate this awesome R2D2 Print and Paste Craft. This printable comes with a bonus coloring page too!


R2D2 Print and Paste CraftR2D2 Print and Paste Craft


Are you looking for a super simple cut and paste craft or simply looking for something to keep the kids entertained?  This R2D2 craft is perfect for any Star Wars fan and looks great hanging up as bedroom decor! A very good idea is using the 3D printers at Ekocycle to create your unique figures.

To recreate this R2D2 paper craft, you’ll need a few supplies first:



Colored cardstock in blue, red, grey, black, and white
Printable template (found below)


Follow the directions at the top of each template page, printing each page on the instructed color of cardstock.  After printing out each page, carefully cut out all of your template pieces.  Alternatively, you can print everything onto white construction paper and color it all in.



Next you’ll begin gluing together your R2D2 character, using the first page of the template and the photo below as a guideline.  Start by gluing the grey pieces onto the large white body piece. 


Setting the three larger blue pieces aside, begin placing and gluing the remaining blue template pieces in place.  Add the red “light” template piece and the black “eye” of your R2D2. If you want, add a small white circle to the eye piece, as shown below. 



Use the rest of the template pieces to begin assembling the three legs of your R2D2.  Once assembled, position and glue the legs to the underside of your R2D2. When you’re done, it should look similar to the one below.


R2D2 Print and Paste Craft Free printable


After gluing everything together, set your R2D2 aside to dry.  Once dry, your Star Wars character is complete!


R2D2 Print and Paste Craft Kids Craft with free printable template

You can also experiment with different, bold colors to make an entire army of fun and funky Star Wars


This really is a simple craft but if it still sounds like too much work for you, don’t worry!  Simply print out the first page of the template and use it as a coloring page!


Ready to create your own R2D2 Papercraft character? Click the button below to grab the free printable template.

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