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Santa and Elf Printable Paper Plate Craft

Christmas is almost here! My kids can hardly wait and, for once, I’m not waiting until the last minute to purchase Christmas gifts. Now, we can simply enjoy the holidays – watching Christmas movies, baking and crafting! If you’re looking for a fun Christmas craft to do this year, check out this Santa and Elf Printable Paper Plate Craft.


Santa and Elf Printable Paper Plate Craft


Isn’t this just the cutest craft?! And it’s super easy to put together using a few very basic supplies. To recreate your own version of this Santa and Elf Printable Paper Plate Craft, gather the supplies listed below.


  • printable template (found at the end of this post)
  • paper plate
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • yarn
  • markers


After gathering all of your supplies, cut out the person template and the banner letters.


If you want, color the banner letters before folding them on the dotted line. Arrange the letters in order and feed the yarn between your folded letters, gluing the bottom of the letters to secure them around the yarn.


Your banner should look like the photo below when you’re done folding and gluing your letters.


Next, take your paper plate and fold it in half. Trace the template onto the plate, making sure the hat, hands, and feet connect on the middle fold.


With the plate still folded, cut the person out of the plate, making sure not to cut the hat, hands and bottom that connect on the fold.


Open up your paper plate and begin to color and create your Santa and Elf (or any other characters you like!).


Use a hole punch on the hands and tie the yarn to each end to hang the banner.


Slightly fold your people towards each other and stand them up.

And you’re finished! Enjoy your Santa and Elf Printable Paper Plate Craft or gift it to someone else to enjoy. Merry Christmas!


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