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Secret Message Bug Decoder Printable

My daughter is currently in love with all things snakes, worms and bugs. We are heading to Salt Lake City, UT later this month and can’t wait to check out Scales and Tails Utah!  She’s been begging her Grandpa to go catch her a “real-life snake,” so I know she’s going to love checking out all the critters in Utah. But for today, we settled for this fun Secret Message Bug Decoder!


Secret Message Bug Decoder

Secret Message Bug Decoder


This activity is a four page printable, with the last page being the “key” and three secret messages to decode. Each secret message gets longer (and a bit harder) than the last, making it a little more challenging as the kids move through each page.


Free Printable Bug Secret Code Puzzle


Whether you plan on completing just one of the bug decoder pages or all of them, you’ll need a copy of the Bug Decoder key.  This key features fun character bugs for each letter of the alphabet.  Simply find the bug on your worksheet that matches the one on the bug decoder page and write the corresponding letters under each bug.


The first and easiest page contains three secret bug words to decipher: wasp, moth, and worm.

The next page also consists of three secret bug names, but gets a little harder than the first with the words spider, beetle, and locust.



And finally, the last page gets a little harder still and consists of three more bug names to decipher: butterfly, cricket, and dragonfly.



Of course, if your kiddos have finished all three pages and want more they can use the key code create their own list of bug words and names for their friends to decipher!


Ready to start deciphering?


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