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Snow White Dress Ornament

Is everyone else enjoying Disney+? We’ve been soaking in all the older Disney movies and my daughter is loving them. We watched Snow White yesterday and put together this Snow White Dress Ornament! I can’t wait to get them on the Christmas tree! Grab the printable template and a few simple supplies to recreate these ornaments for your Christmas tree.

Snow White Dress OrnamentDisney Snow White Dress Ornament

Here’s a list of the supplies you’ll need for these ornaments:

Construction Paper or cardstock in yellow, white, and blue
Glitter (optional)
Twine or Ribbon
Printable Template (found at the end of this post)


After gathering up your supplies, print out each page of the printable template using the color of paper indicated at the top of each page.  Carefully cut out all of your dress pieces.


Begin gluing your pieces together, starting with the dress sleeves as shown.

Set your sleeves aside and pick up the remainder of the yellow pieces. Bend and fold the up the dress sections at the black lines. Then glue them to the main dress piece as shown.


Next, glue the blue bodice in place. Then fold up the pieces of the color at the black lines and attach it to the top of your dress.

Grab the last white piece and glue it to the bottom back of your ornament as shown below.


If you want, you can decorate your dress using red glitter. If you don’t want to use glitter you can leave it as is or color in the details with marker or colored pencils.


After the glitter has dried, carefully glue the sleeves to your dress.

Finally, cut a piece of twine or ribbon and form a loop out of it. Glue the loop of twine to the back of your ornament.

DIY Disney+ Printable Craft for Kids and Free Template for Christmas
And it’s as simple as that! Create several more to hang all over your Christmas tree, hand out as gifts, or use them as gift tags!

Snow White Dress Ornament Free Printable Craft for Christmas

To get started on your own Snow White Dress Ornaments, click the button below to grab the free, printable template.

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