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Snowman Paper Plate Christmas Countdown Craft

As you may already know, we love Christmas countdowns!  Some families chose to do the same countdown every year, making a tradition out of it. Others, like us, like to mix it up each year by trying out a new Christmas countdown every December.  This year, we are super excited about this Snowman Paper Plate Christmas Countdown Craft.   Make it yourself and present it to the kiddos or let them create their own!


Snowman Paper Plate Christmas Countdown Craft


This is another super simple craft (because I love simple!) and can be put together with just a few inexpensive supplies.  Plus, the final product is super cute!



WHAT YOU WILL NEED: (2) 8.6” sturdy paper plates, paper hole punch, bakers twine, (2-3) 12-in. wired garland ties, hot glue gun, hot glue stick, printer & countdown PDF (found at the end of this post), scissors, glue or glue stick, thumb tack, mini brad, tape, snowflake paper punch (optional). 



Punch a hole about ¼” away from the edge of the plate. 



Tie an 8” piece of bakers twine into a loop and then attach it to the plate through the punched hole.



Bend your wired garland ties slightly so they are curved like the plate.



Hot glue your garland to the backside of the paper plate, around the outside curved edge (work in small sections and press garland into glue until it hardens).



Keep working the garland around the back of the paper plate until the whole thing is glued into place.



Print and cut out the round countdown section of the countdown PDF inside the dashed outline. Set aside.



Rough-cut the spinner/arrow and glue it down to the flat center part of your second paper plate so it’s sturdier; let dry.



Use a thumb tack to poke a hole in the little white dot area on the end of the spinner/arrow. Once it’s dry, cut it out carefully inside the dashed lines.



Tape the circle countdown to the center of the plate.



Once it’s all taped down, use your thumb tack to poke a hole on the black center dot.



Insert your mini brad into the pre-poked hole in the spinner/arrow first and then through the pre-poked hole in the plate. Turn the plate over and secure the brad by bending out the ends.



Optionally, use a paper hole punch or snowflake paper punch in the empty section of your PDF to make 25 ‘snowflakes’; set aside.  Glue on a ‘snowflake’ to your countdown each day to make it a “white Christmas”!



Hang up your plate and start the Christmas countdown on December 1st! 



Adorable, isn’t it?! Ready to recreate your own Snowman Paper Plate Christmas Countdown Craft?  Click the button below to grab the free printable template.

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