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Snowman Spinner Gift List Craft

Have a little fun with your Christmas Wishlist this year and recreate this Snowman Spinner Gift List Craft! The free, printable template and a few basic supplies make this craft super simple to put together. Plus, the finished project is cute enough to add to your holiday decor!

Snowman Spinner Gift List CraftSnowman Spinner Gift List Craft

Before starting, gather up a few basic supplies.

  • Template (found at the end of this post) printed on white cardstock
  • Cardstock in Black, Brown, Orange and Red
  • Scissors
  • Red, Green and Black markers
  • Glue stick
  • Google eyes
  • 1 green brass fastener


First, print the template on white cardstock and cut out all the pieces.

Trace the two skinny long rectangle template pieces on brown cardstock. Trace around the triangle template on orange cardstock. Trace around the smallest skinny long rectangle on red cardstock. Finally trace around the other rectangle and square on black cardstock. Cut out all the pieces.

TIP: Instead of tracing and cutting these from cardstock, the kids can color the pieces as well.

Next, assemble the snowman’s hat by gluing the long black rectangle to the bottom of the black square. Add the red rectangle belt to finish it.

Then, glue the whole hat to the smaller circle which will be the snowman’s head.

Pop on some google eyes and stick on the orange carrot nose. Finish the snowman’s head by drawing on a smile consisting of dots.

Now take the circle that says, “My Christmas List” and glue the brown rectangle arms to the back.

Then, stack the solid circle behind the ‘List’ circle and poke the brass fastener through both papers at the center dot and bend the ends on the backside. Now the back circle can spin around.

Glue the head to the front of the body.

Now use the empty space that spins to write in the Christmas List items.

Use red and green markers, alternating between colors, to write in your Christmas list.

Rotate the spinner to a blank space after each item before writing in the next.

Continue until your wishlist is finished and the spinner is filled up!

And then your Snowman Christmas List Spinner is complete!


Alternatively, you can use the printable “My Christmas List” template to create a blank piece.  Write in anything you want, such as “Reasons why I love you” or “My favorite winter activities” to further customize this craft project!


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