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Star Wars R2D2 Torn Paper Craft

For those of you who enjoyed the recent R2D2 Print and Paste Craft we shared, we’ve got another fun paper craft for you! This Star Wars R2D2 Torn Paper Craft can be customized using any colors you want or keep it tradition with blues and greys. Keep reading to see how simple and fun this torn paper craft is. 


Star Wars R2D2 Torn Paper Craft

Star Wars R2D2 Torn Paper Craft

We’ve been having a lot of fun lately with all of these Star Wars crafts. My husband is constantly replaying all the movies and the kids enjoy them, so might as well make the most of it with some cute crafts!


To recreate this R2D2 craft, you’ll need cardstock in the colors you’ll want to use for your craft. We used white, red, black, blue, and grey colored cardstock. But feel free to go crazy with it and use any colors you want. Or even make a few different ones in various colors!


To get started, print out the free template found at the bottom of this post using white cardstock or heavy weight paper.



You’ll also need scissors and glue to complete this craft. 


After printing out your template begin tearing off pieces of your colored cardstock, gluing them in place according to what color you want each template piece to be. 

Continue gluing torn paper onto your template pieces until you’re happy with each section.  Allow to dry completely before carefully cutting out each template piece.



After allowing to dry and cutting out each piece, begin assembling your R2D2 pieces together by gluing them to your background piece. We used black cardstock for our background, but again feel free to get creative with it!



Once again, allow everything to dry completely and then you’re done. Your R2D2 is now complete!


Star Wars R2D2 Torn Paper Craft Free Printable


Ready to recreate your own R2D2 torn paper craft? Click the button below to grab your free printable template!

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