Swordfish Printable Sea Craft

My youngest daughter has been begging to take a trip to the ocean. Unfortunately, the ocean isn’t exactly a short drive from here! So while I plan a trip to drive her to the ocean, we’ve been cooking up some fun ocean craft projects.  The first of which, and one of our favorites, is this Swordfish Printable Sea Craft!

Swordfish Printable Sea Craft

Swordfish Printable Sea Craft


This swordfish craft is super easy to recreate with the free printable and a few supplies you probably already have on hand. To get started, gather up the following supplies for the swordfish.





And to recreate the watercolor background, you’re going to want to gather up these supplies as well:
Watercolor Paper
Watercolor Paint
Paint Brush



Of course, you’ll also need to download and print out the template of this swordfish, which can be found at the bottom of this post.  Print each template piece out, using your desired colors, and then carefully cut out each piece.



After you have each piece of your swordfish cut out, use a glue stick or white school glue to glue all of the pieces together as shown in the photo below.



Add extra details using a sharpie or black marker.



And if you want, you can cut up and add small pieces of white paper around the edges of your swordfish to create a “shine” and give it more life.



And that’s it! Your swordfish is now done! Leave it as is or glue it to your choice of cardstock. Of course, if you want to recreate the watercolor background, keep reading. Otherwise, enjoy your new swordfish friend!




Watercolor Background:

To create the watercolor background, you’re going to first want to prepare a surface with newspaper or a vinyl tablecloth. This will protect your surface and simplify cleanup.


Next, set up and prepare the watercolor paints you’d like to use. We stuck with shades of blue, but you can mix in yellow, green or any other colors you’d like.



After you’ve got your paint all ready to go, use your paint brush to coat your paper in water until is damped but not soaked.


Add watercolor paint to your paper, covering the paper. Mix in various shades of blue or other colors until you’re happy with how it looks.


Before the paint is dry, sprinkle a few pinches of salt over the wet paint. If you wait too long and the paint isn’t wet enough, the salt will not stick to your paper. The salt will cause the paint to separate and create and explosive looking effect.


Finally, allow your paper to dry before gluing on your swordfish. It will probably take a while to dry as the paper should be pretty wet.



If you want, you can use leftover paper and the additional printable templates below to add starfish and bubbles to your artwork as well!



Use the photos as guides for creating your starfish and bubble accents.



These characters would make adorable bulletin board crafts. Create the swordfish in a variety of colors for a really fun look!



Ready to create your own swordfish? Click the button below to grab your free swordfish template printable.

And if you want to add starfish or bubbles, grab the printables for those here:



And don’t forget to grab the rest of the Sea Craft printable templates! Click the photo below to see all of them.

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  1. […] to add those characters to your masterpiece as well! You can find those at the bottom of the Swordfish printable craft we shared earlier this […]

  2. […] to add those characters to your masterpiece as well! You can find those at the bottom of the Swordfish printable craft we shared earlier this […]

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