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Taco Seed April Fool’s Day Printable

Do you remember the April Fool’s Doughnut Seeds printable we shared a few years ago? My kids got the biggest kick out of it and, from the messages I’ve received, it sounds like a lot of you have been enjoying it as well! Recently, we received a request for an alternate version of this fun April Fool’s Day prank. So if you’re looking for something different this April Fool’s Day, grab this Taco Seed April Fool’s Day Printable packet!

Taco Seed April Fool’s Day Printable

Taco Seed April Fool's Day Printable


Have you heard of the book series, Dragons Love Tacos? Up until recently, I hadn’t heard of it. But thanks to Carla’s request for these fun taco seed packets, I can now say I’ve read “Dragons Love Tacos” and now know what toppings Dragons love to eat on their tacos (and what you should NEVER put on a dragon’s taco). It’s really a cute book and if you haven’t read it yet, it’s worth picking up a copy from your local library.

So thanks again to Carla’s request, I have two different versions of this Taco Seed packet.


Taco Seed April Fool's Day Printable


The first one has a basic back panel. The second one has a dragon added into it.


You can find the printable templates at the end of this post and I recommend printing them out onto heavy weight paper or white cardstock. After choosing and printing out your Taco Seed packet, carefully cut it out. Then turn the seed packet over and gently fold in the top and sides on the dotted lines.  Use glue or glue dots (my personal favorite) along the bottom and side tab to secure the back of the seed packet in place.


Taco Seed April Fool's Day Printable


After gluing both of the tabs to the back panel of your seed packet, it’s ready to fill. Honestly, you can fill it with just about anything that will fit and, if you use this printable, I’d love to hear what you choose to fill it with!

We thought Skittles would be fun because they’re so colorful.


Taco Seed April Fool's Day Printable


But because the back of the packet says to cover the seeds in 1 to 2 inches of mild salsa (which is a reference to the Dragons Love Tacos book), we thought Fritos would be another fun option. Kids can empty the seed packet, add some salsa, and enjoy some Frito nachos!


Taco Seed April Fool's Day Printable


Whatever you choose to fill it with, once you’ve filled your seed packet, carefully tuck the top flap into the back of your seed packet to seal it. And that’s it! You’re ready to hand it out and trick your kids or friends this April Fool’s Day.


Alternatively, if you want to save time or simply don’t want to create a seed packet, cut off the top, side and bottom tab when cutting out the template. Then fold it in half to create a gift tag or card.


I hope you guys enjoy this April Fool’s Day printable and thanks again to Carla for the awesome idea and for introducing us all to the book, Dragons Love Tacos.  Click the button below to grab these free printable seed packets.


Carla Goodrich

Tuesday 10th of March 2020

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This is simply awesome! You now have to read "Dragons Love Tacos 2" to understand 'why' I needed 'taco' seeds! LOL

I so appreciate your creativity and generosity in sharing. Thank you for sending this out ahead of time :)



Tuesday 10th of March 2020

Hi Carla,

I did end up reading the second book and completely get the reference to Taco Seeds. It's a cute book series! I can't wait to read them both to my daughter tonight. =)

Thanks again!


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