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Turkey Snack Crackers (with free printable!)

We’ve got one more quick Thanksgiving Turkey printable we want to share with you all.  This free printable allows you to easily recreate these adorable Turkey Snack Crackers!  Send them to school for snack day, pass them out to friends, or add an extra special touch to an everyday snack this Thanksgiving season.


Turkey Snack Crackers (with free printable!)


Again, these snack packs are super simple to put together. 


To get started you’ll need the free printable turkey template (found at the end of this post).  I recommend printing it out onto heavy weighted or white cardstock paper, if you have some on hand.  You’ll also need glue or double sided tape and your snacks.  We used these Nabisco Handi-Snacks Ritz Crackers, but you can play around with different snack ideas as well. 


After gathering up all of your supplies (and the all-important snacks!), download and print out the free printable from the link below.  Each page will create one turkey, so you’ll want to print out as many turkeys as you need for each of your snacks. 


Also note that there are two printable options – the first page is full colored, as shown in the pictures.  The second page has no color, allowing you (or the kids) to save on ink costs or to color in and create your own turkeys.


After printing out your templates, carefully cut out all of your turkey pieces.



After cutting out all of your turkey pieces, begin assembling him.  Use the photo below as a guide, starting with the feathers in the back. 



Then add his face, wings, and legs.   


After gluing everything in place, set your turkey aside to dry if needed.





And that’s it! Repeat the above steps until you have as many turkeys as you want/need.  


Of course, you can always print out the second page of the template and let each kid customize and create their own unique turkey snacks.  


Ready to get started? Click the button below to grab the free printable turkey parts.


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