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Valentine’s Day Bear Card Craft

How about another Valentine’s Day themed craft? This Valentine’s Day Bear Card Craft is so adorable! And while this craft was initially intended as a Valentine’s Day craft, it could be used for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or whenever you want to create a cute little gift for someone special.


Valentine’s Day Bear Card Craft

Valentine's Day Bear Card Craft


This card on this Valentine’s Day Bear Craft is completely customizable. Decorate it in any way you want and add a special message for it’s recipient inside.


To recreate these bears, you’ll need to gather up a few basic supplies. Start by grabbing the free printable template found at the end of this post, along with:


  1. Colored craft papers
  2. Pencil
  3. Black pen or sharpie
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue


After printing out your template, carefully cut out each piece.



Choose the colors you’d like to use for your bear and his card.  The card can be decorated however you want, so decide what you want to do with your card and select colored paper accordingly.  We decided to do a multi-layer heart pattern with our card and cut out two small heart patterns, one slightly smaller than the other.



Trace the bear body and hand patterns on the paper selected for the bear and cut out the patterns. Trace and cut out the inner ears, the mouth, the nose, and blushed cheeks from your colored craft papers as well.



Glue the inner ear sections to the center part of each ear on your bear pattern. Add the mouth piece and the two small circles, as shown above.



Attach the eyes and then attach the nose on top of the mouth pattern. Use a pen to finish off the mouth pattern. If you want, add in some eye brows.



Attach the 2 hands on both sides of the bear by keeping the round ends towards the middle of the body. Use a small amount of glue, only along the edge of the bears body. This will give you room to slip the card under the bears hands.



Use scissors to trim and align the outer ends of the hand with the body layout.




Fold the card template and decorate the card however you want. You can write a special message or Valentine’s Day wish inside the card if you like as well!


Valentine's Day Bear Card Craft


Slide the card under the 2 paws/hands of your bear and he’s ready to gift!  Make multiple little bears, changing up the colors and card designs as you see fit.


Valentine's Day Bear Card Craft Free Printable for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Teacher Appreciation Gift


Aren’t they just adorable?! Recreate these Valentine’s Day Bear Card Crafts by clicking the button below to get the free template.

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