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Valentine’s Day Pillow Box Craft

Here’s another, completely customizable, last-minute Valentine’s Day printable. This Valentine’s Day Pillow Box Craft can be customized using any colors you want. Simply print, cut, color, fold, and fill!


Valentine’s Day Pillow Box Craft

Valentine's Day Pillow Box Craft Free Printable Gift


Paper pillow boxes are a popular choice for packaging Valentine’s Day gifts due to their versatility and attractive appearance. They can be used for a variety of purposes to make your gift giving more special and meaningful on this holiday occasion. There are many uses for paper pillow boxes:

Gift Wrapping: Paper pillow boxes are an ideal option for small to medium-sized gifts, making them a great choice for Valentine’s Day. They can be used to wrap chocolates, jewelry, perfumes, and other similar items that are perfect for this holiday. The box can be wrapped with paper or decorated with stickers, glitter, or any other embellishments to make it look festive and special.

Party Favors: If you’re hosting a Valentine’s Day celebration, paper pillow boxes can be used as party favors for your guests. Fill the boxes with small treats or gifts and place them on the tables as a special thank you for your guests. This will add a personal touch to the party and make the day even more memorable for everyone.

Gift Basket Filler: Another great use for paper pillow boxes is to fill a gift basket with smaller items. This is a perfect option for a larger gift, such as a hamper, where you want to include a variety of smaller items. The boxes can be filled with chocolates, candies, or any other small gifts, and placed inside the basket for a stunning presentation.

Decoration: In addition to being used as a gift wrapping or gift basket filler, paper pillow boxes can also be used as decorations for Valentine’s Day. Decorate the boxes with hearts, flowers, and other Valentine’s Day-themed patterns to add a festive touch to your home or event. Place the decorated boxes on a table, or use them to create a beautiful centerpiece.

Gift Card Holder: Finally, paper pillow boxes can be used to hold gift cards or vouchers for a romantic dinner, movie, or any other activity. This is a perfect option for those who want to give the gift of an experience, rather than a physical item. Simply place the gift card or voucher inside the box and wrap it up for a special and meaningful gift.

Paper pillow boxes are a versatile and attractive option for packaging and presenting gifts for Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re using them to wrap a small gift, fill a gift basket, decorate your home, or hold a gift card, they are sure to make your gift giving more special and memorable on this romantic holiday. So why not make these paper pillow boxes for your next Valentine’s Day gift and make your loved ones feel extra special this year.


Make your Pillow Box

I recommend using heavy-weight or white construction paper to print your pillow box. After printing it out carefully cut out the pillow box.

Alternatively, you could upload the image into your favorite photo editing software (we love Gimp) and digitally color in your pillow box before printing.


Carefully score and fold along the dotted lines of your pillow box.


Valentine's Day Pillow Box Craft Free Printable Gift


Use glue to secure the long edge of your pillow box. Then fill it with small candies, treats, stickers, or anything else you want.

Carefully fold over the curved ends of your pillow box to seal the treats inside.


Valentine's Day Pillow Box Craft Free Printable Gift


And that’s it! Your pillow box is ready to gift!


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