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Valentine’s Day Printable Activity Games

Engage Your Kids This Valentine’s Day with a Fun Printable Activity Pack!

Make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable for your little ones with our delightful printable activity pack! Packed with entertaining and educational games, it’s the perfect way to celebrate love and friendship while keeping the kiddos engaged. From mazes and word searches to crossword puzzles and I-Spy, we’ve got everything you need to ensure hours of fun.


Valentine’s Day Printable Activity Games

Valentine's Day Printable Activity Games Free Printables


About the Valentine’s Day Printable Activity Games

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about expressing love; it’s also a fantastic opportunity for fun and learning, especially for kids. This year, add an extra sprinkle of joy to your celebrations with our themed printable set. Designed to captivate and challenge, these activities promise a day brimming with laughter, creativity, and problem-solving.


What’s Included?

  • Maze: Navigate through twists and turns to reach the end. A great way to enhance problem-solving and hand-eye coordination.
  • Word Search: Boost vocabulary and spelling with a festive word hunt.
  • Crossword Puzzle: Challenge their knowledge and critical thinking with clues and puzzles.
  • I-Spy: Sharpen observational skills with a game of visual hide-and-seek.

Each activity is thoughtfully created to be both fun and educational, adorned with vibrant illustrations and adorable characters. They’re super easy to print at home, requiring just a printer and some paper. Suitable for children of all ages, these printables are perfect for family bonding.



Valentine's Day Printable Activity Games Free Word Search Printable

Make Valentine’s Day Special

Our printables are more than just activities; they’re a way to make lasting memories with your children. Engaging in these games together provides a wonderful opportunity for quality time, fostering love and learning in a joyful way.



Valentine's Day Printable Activity Games, Free Crossword Puzzle, Maze, I Spy


Grab Your Free Printables

Ready for hassle-free fun? Our activity pack includes answer keys and requires no preparation. Just print, hand out, and watch the excitement unfold.

  • Valentine’s Day Word Search: Discover 18 themed words for endless fun.
  • Crossword Puzzle: Use image clues and a word bank to solve engaging puzzles.
  • Valentine’s Day Maze: Guide the teddy bear to his sweet treat.
  • I Spy Game: Seek, count, and name various items in a charming scene.


Download Now

Click below to access this 4-page printable set (plus answer keys) and dive into a day of playful learning and heartfelt celebrations.



Magdalena Felix

Monday 8th of February 2021

I love how creative you are!!

Printables 4 Mom