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Winter 3D Art Craft

We had so much fun with our last Winter Scene 3D project that we wanted to create another one! I’m really not sure which one is my favorite, but I love the simplicity of this Winter 3D Art Craft. It just reminds me of a quiet, snowy morning!


Winter 3D Art Craft

Winter 3D Art Craft Printable DIY Papercraft


This is such a fun, cold day project. Use it to add a little style to your room or write a note on the back to create a cute card for a friend or loved one!



You can find the free printable template at the end of this post. You’ll also need colored cardstock paper (we used various shades of blue and white for this one), craft foam sheet, pencil, scissors, X-Acto knife (optional), and craft glue.


After printing out your template, carefully cut out each piece. For the background, you may use white cardstock paper or any other colored cardstock you want. Prepare 4 pieces of cardstock paper for the layers and trace each layer pattern onto your cardstock. Cut out the center part of the template patterns.



Arrange the cardstock layers to check the pattern and that everything lines up as you want it to.



Cut out thin strips from the craft foam sheets to create frames between each layer.



Take the bottom layer of cardstock paper and attach 4 craft foam sheet strips on 4 sides of the layer.



Apply glue to the top surface of the craft foam strip border and then place the second layer on the top of the craft foam frame. Press the sides of the second layer against the glued craft foam border to make sure that the second layer is attached nicely on the frame.



Continue to attach craft foam strip frames and then the next layer of cardstock paper to complete the 3d papercraft scene layers.



Select different shades of blue colored cardstock papers for the trees. Trace and cut out the trees from the cardstock papers.



Place the trees on or between the layers you created, gluing them in place.



Take one or all of your building pieces and add small pieces of construction paper to create doors and windows.



Add the building(s) on or between the layers, among the trees.



Add a background on the backside of the bottom layer.



Allow everything to dry. Once dry, your 3D art is ready to display or share!


Winter 3D Art Craft Printable DIY Papercraft


Click the button below to grab the free printable template for this Winter 3D Art Craft.



Wednesday 27th of December 2023

loved making this craft. wish I could share my version of it. Thanks for the idea


Monday 5th of February 2024

Hey Sara! I'd love to see your version! You can email me at or tag us on Social Media @Printables4Mom

Printables 4 Mom