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Winter Scene 3D Papercraft

We’ve had a pretty mild winter so far, but apparently snow is on it’s way! If you’re looking for something to occupy the time while you’re stuck indoors, trying to stay warm, recreate this cute Winter Scene 3d Papercraft!


Winter Scene 3D PapercraftWinter Scene 3D Papercraft Free Printable Craft


I love this little winter village scene and you can customize it however you want, adding in additional houses or scenery or leaving them out – make it unique and make it yours!


To get started, you’ll need to gather up a few basic supplies.



  1. Colored cardstock paper
  2. White cardstock paper
  3. Craft foam sheet
  4. Pencil
  5. Scissors
  6. X-acto knife
  7. Craft glue
  8. Printable template (found below)


Select white or off white cardstock paper for the 3d papercraft layers. For the background, you may use white cardstock paper or any other colored cardstock you like. Prepare 4 pieces of cardstock papers for the layers and trace the layer patterns on them. Cut out the parts marked as grey in the template patterns.



Arrange the cardstock layers to check the pattern.



Cut out thin strips from craft foam sheets to create frames between each layer.



Take the bottom layer of cardstock paper and attach 4 craft foam sheet strips on 4 sides of the layer.



Apply glue on the top surface of the craft foam strip border and then place the second layer on the top of the craft foam frame. Press the sides of the second layer against the glued craft foam border to make sure that the second layer is attached nicely on the frame.



Continue to attach craft foam strip frames and then the next layer of cardstock paper to complete the 3d papercraft scene layers.




Select different shades of green colored cardstock papers for the tree. Trace and cut out the trees from the cardstock papers. Use a sharp and thin pair of scissors to cut zigzag edges on both sides of the tree cutouts.




Cut out the house patterns from colored cardstock papers of your choice; use black sharpie to draw the doors and windows of the houses. Cut out the semi circular patterns from white craft paper or cardstock paper and attach them on the top of the tree cutouts.



Place the cardstock houses and trees on or between the layers created in the previous steps.



Add a background on the backside of the bottom layer. Add the prepared cardstock items to create a nice winter scene.


Winter Scene 3D Papercraft Printable craft


Allow everything to dry and your winter scene is ready to be put on display! To recreate this fun craft, click the button below for the free printable template.

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