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Witch Frog Line Study Printable Activity

The next activity in our Halloween Line Study Series is this adorable Witch Frog! Grab a few simple supplies, the Witch Frog Line Study Printable Activity and let the kids get creative!
Witch Frog Line Study Printable Activity
First, you’ll need to gather up a few supplies. These are the same supplies used in the Pirate Girl activity we shared a couple of days ago.
Construction Paper (or cardstock)
Fine Tip Black Marker
Crayons, Markers or Colored Pencils
Printable Witch Frog Template (found at the end of this post)
After gathering up your supplies, be sure to download and print out the Witch Frog template at the end of this post. Then begin drawing lines in each individual grid section, paying close attention to keep your lines within the each grid. Leave lines out of any parts you want to keep white, such as the eyes.
Draw straight lines or change the patterns in each grid to really mix things up! Keep working on each grid until you are happy with you’re happy with how each section looks. Then grab your colors and begin coloring him in!
Witch Frog Line Study Free Printable Activity
Color the frog’s skin green and yellow, his hat black and the background bold colors! Or choose any colors you want and go crazy!
When you’re done, cut the excess border off the paper and glue your line study onto any color of construction paper you choose. We went with black to keep with the Halloween theme.
And just as with the Pirate Girl, this Witch Frog would make cute Halloween cards! Simply print at half size for a unique and fun card.
Click the button below to get the Witch Frog Line Study Printable Activity!
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