You’ve Been Egged Free Printable

Back when we lived in Arizona, we had friends who “Egged” our yard each and every year! The kids absolutely loved it! We’d open the door to find a little sign that read “You’ve been Egged” and the yard would be filled with brightly colored, plastic Easter eggs. Each Easter egg was full of different candies and small treats.


You’ve Been Egged Free Printable

Of course, half the fun is passing it on to someone else! So after finding each egg and enjoying our Easter treats, we’d put together a basket or two for friends and neighbors before heading out to “Egg” their yard.

The kids always try to keep EXTRA quiet, so as not to be caught, but you know how excited little kids can be – full of giggles and squeals.

You can create your own “You’ve Been Egged” sign for this fun activity, but we have one on hand that we use – just print, cut and go.

You've Been Egged Free Printable

You can print this image on regular printer paper or use white cardstock to make it a little more heavy duty (and easier to pass on!).  Grab this printable by clicking the button below.



If you want to participate in this fun Easter activity, but you’re looking for a different style of sign, check out this fun one from Eighteen25.


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